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After years on a prescribed adhd medication I haven t taken it for months now. It has put me through a scary withdrawal w/ many days of horrible anxiety but the good days are starting 2 outweigh the bad MAN it feels good

I'm a new first-time mom to my son Daxton. He is absolutely the best thing to ever happen to me.

Going to get a root canal !! This tells you how excited I am just to get out of the house

I quit my job this year to run my own business and it's going very well!

My baby girl turned 15 on Friday, August 14. So incredibly blessed to have her. She's a great kid! Practical, good head on her shoulders. HBD Olivia!!

I am celebrating 5 years at my job at the David Eccles School of Business. Great job BEST BOSS.

Didn't ask for it but I'm a single mom and I'm kicking ass. My kids are happy and healthy.

I don't know if this counts as something good! But my husband and I paid off our student loans! 35,000 paid off! Now we are working on paying off our car.

After over 10 years with severe addiction problems today is 5 years clean I now have a fast car a big truck and nice house and a beautiful wife life is good now

This is my first year as a principal of a junior high, and I have not curled up in the fetal position yet! Pretty impressive!!

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