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TEXT TOPIC: Couples who marry, divorce and re-marry!

Dad married. Divorced 32 days later. Remarried 8 months later. Divorced 2 years later.

My friends got divorced then hooked up the day they sold their house and she got pregnant. They got married again and have been happily married for 24 years now.

My grandparents married and divorced each other 6 different times!!!! You would think after the 2nd time they would realize it wasn''t gonna work butapparently they needed 6 tries.

My dad has married his wife three different times. They have no kids together, but there 5 of us.

In-laws divorced when my husband was 7. Both dated others but never married. 5 yrs later re-married each other & still together

Married, divorced and back together but not married again we wont get remarried. We are better off now than we have ever been

My cousin got married at 18, both into drugs, he was abusive, it lasted a very short time. They got back together in their 30s after a TON of growthon both sides and have an amazing and more healthy relationship than most people I know

My soon to be ex's parents divorced and got married again and the second time only lasted 2 months. #imnotfallenthatBEEP

Friend divorced after 6 mos. Remarried after another 6 mos. Still married almost 10 years now.

Coworker married 3x. He would explains it by saying 1st and 3rdmarriage were to the same woman. 2nd woman was a mistake. >7< &@

My gma on my dads side was married to the same guy twice. My gma on my moms side was married to the same guy 3 or 4 times and my mom sister married the same guy twice.

I have a neighbor who has married her baby daddy 3 times. So they''ve divorced twice and re-married for a few years. Doesn’t sound like she likes him very much.

My grandparents were married for 5 years, divorced for 1 remarried and have been together for 62 years. They celebrate both anniversaries. My grandpa teased my nana too much so until he matured she wouldn’t be with him- at least that’s what they tell us lol

My bff is married again to her ex husband. No kids. Also her family doesn't know.

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