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TEXT TOPIC: What made you RUN for the hills when you were dating?

guy I met on POF and after a couple weeks of dating he said he was born with a split tongue and his mother was a dragon and that''s why he was abandoned as a kid...I ended that relationship fast after he became really possessive and I met my husband after this crazy guy.

I could write a book on my dating life. With online dating I run when 3-5 texts in he sends pictures of his body and inevitably when they send body pictures the next text is a dick pick

my husband had an ex-fianc and he walked in on her dad watching porn and he invited him to join. He called it off the next day and ran.

Met a girl and we hit it off. We''d usually meet somewhere and do something since she was in SLC and I was in Provo. She invited me to her home...porcelain dolls everywhere that she''d talk to throughout the night. Never went back!!!

had been on a few dates with the guy in his 40''s. We went back to "his" house. We were downstairs and he asked if I wanted something to drink. I said "yes". Then he yells "mom, can you grab us something to drink and maybe a snack" It was like the scene from wedding crashes. I ran out like my panties were on fire.

went on one date with a guy after talking on the phone a few times, and he told me he didn''t want me talking to any other guys. I told him first off we aren''t together so you can''t tell me to do anything.. so glad I didn''t give him a chance.

met a guy online and when he invited me back to his place on our second date, I used his restroom and found a bottle of genital wart cream sitting on his counter.

showed up for our date and he had a woman there for a 3 some- nope not happening

He took me to his house after I said no then when he tried to kiss me 30 min in to the first date and I told him to slow down he went on a rant about how girls used to be so much more sexually secure and open. RAN!

met a girl at church and hit it off initially but only lasted about a month. In the first date she started telling me about childhood abuse and how she had a history of hurting herself. Her mom soon after started Facebook stalking me. Anytime we''d spend time together she''d get very handsy. Our bishop ended up telling me to be careful because she could be very..... feisty. I thought he meant her personality and said oh trust me I know. Wasn''t until I left that I realized he meant sexually. I ended up telling her it wouldn''t work because she would be going back to Texas after the semester but then she started talking about not leaving for the summer if I wouldn''t wait. If I didn''t reply to texts within 10 minutes she''d text again.

2nd and last date - went to his place for dinner. He said his mom would "sneak" over to do his laundry and clean for him. Yeah um not down with that.Clean up after yo'' damn self!

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