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TEXT TOPIC: Happy Thankful Thursday! Who or what are you thankful for?

thank u to the person in front of me at beans and brew, ur kindness was greatly appreciated and paid forward

just want to thank our first responders for keeping us safe and Paula for this amazing job opportunity she's given me

want to thank my husband Tanner for completely changing his life around for not only his family but for himself. I am so beyond proud to call you my husband! 6 months sober and proud of it! You rock babe!

want to thank Johnathon for being the best boyfriend! He works very hard for us. I hope he hears this!

want to thank my biological mom. Growing up I was angry at her because she put me up for adoption, never knew her. She passed away last year and left me a video and letter explaining why she put me for adoption...never have I cried so hard, I now understand. Extreme poverty where she lives. I thank you for allowing me to live a life you didn''t have. And to my adoptive parents for making the man I am today. I won''t let none of you Donna and Michael

thank you to my manager for always having my back and allowing me with this great opportunity.

want to thank my fianc for restoring my faith in relationships and showing me that good men still exist

wanna say thank you to my co worker and friend addy. She is so supportive and always pushing me to try new things and I'm grateful to her for get

thank you to my amazing girlfriend. Thank you for always keeping me grounded and letting me know when I'm too much. Also keeping me in line. I love you.

Thank you to the nurses and Dr at Alta View hospital for helping with my 9 month old as Drs try and get the huge rock io my 3 year old nose. ( after trying they finally had to sedate him to get it out)

want to thank the good Samaritan out in Saratoga Springs who pulled over to help me and my girls with our flat tire this morning.

want to thank all the Animal Rescues Groups out there. Including all the volunteers who transport animals via vehicle or plane. It takes a lot of people to make transports happen for animals who would have never had a chance.

just got the good news that surgery is scheduled for Sept 3rd after 2 canceled ones. Doing a donor kidney transplant for my brother that has been on dialysis for over a year. So thankful for this news

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