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TEXT TOPIC: Do you have a hard time saying NO?

I want to say no to the 4 birthday parties that will take over my next 4 weekends. If I go to one I''ll have to go to them all it’s exhausting and expensive but if I don’t go I get a guilt trip

My mom wants to come out for my daughters 1st day of kindergarten. She lives in Ohio and I don''t want her to fly and possibly expose my family to COVID. She feels like she is missing out, and I feel bad saying no don''t come out

I have a hard time saying no to coming in early or on my days off at work

I have a hard time saying no to my boss about being on call

I want to say no to my Dad. He always needs help with things at his house on the weekends which is 2 hours from where I live. I can never say no and each weekend is exhausting!

used to never say no but now that I do im considered a "B". It's so freeing and I love it! "Just say no"

I have social anxiety I get the guilt trip when I do say no so then my stomach does get upset and I end up going against my will

My second baby is due in November and I don''t want my family to be around him until I say, but my husband doesn''t have my back. I am a people pleaser, but I need to keep my baby healthy!!!

I can't say no to my ex shes toxic/manipulative/liar but when we were good, really good. Just can't cut her out of my life. There's still love ugh

Struggle with family. End up working on the family farm weekends "helping out", even after a grueling work week. It's been months w/o day off

cant say no to my sisters. They have kids. I don't. I hate babysitting but I feel bad saying no. I just don't have energy for kids.

I have a hard time saying no to people using my house for parties

My ex is CONSTANTLY asking for money. always a guilt trip. together for 8+ yrs & it's been hard. Stared giving less & said no 1st time last week

I need learn to say no to events with people I don''t care to have close relationships with. It''s not that I want to cut them off completely but I just don''t care to invest in those friendships because they aren''t deep or life long. I used to be the life of the party and now I want to be more selective with who I spend and invest my time and emotions with.

I have a hard time saying no to my daughter. Her Lazy boyfriend -- I feel like a live in nana nanny

cant say no when my friend asks me to use my urine for her drug tests.

my mother in law ALWAYS volunteers me to do pricey and time consuming things (cotton candy, snow cones, ect)

Saying no is hard for me because I hate confrontation. But when my mother in law''s boyfriend wants to take my 4 yr old son to the zoo, or the aquarium or outside to walk around the neighborhood in the dark looling for bats, I have to tell him no. It makes me uncomfortable, but I don''t know him or trust him around my son.

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