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TEXT TOPIC: What RED FLAGS did you ignore?

Red flags that I ignored are when I met my ex, he didn’t have a job, his parents paid for everything, including his child support, huge mooch. I was with him for 4 yrs and he ruined my credit and I ended up having a son with him. 22 years later, he has 3 kids, nothing to do with any of them and mooches off his current wife. Puke!!

He had 5 kids from 4 women he had nothin to do with. After I found out he owed 800k, yes eight hundred thousand, in back child support. What was I thinking!?

I wish my mother in law wouldn''t ignore the red flags with her scummy boyfriend. We know she sees them, she makes excuses for him, because she doesn''t want to go through dating again and she''s vested in him. It''s so sad to sit back and watch. He always tells her she''s the best thing that''s ever happened to him, which is 100% true. But she takes it as a compliment.

Red flag was my gut. I didn''t feel good about anything and knew he was lying but ignored my gut because I figured it was because we had been together before and figured it was leftover feelings. Never ever again ignore the gut for any reason!

ignoring red flags currently because the sex is too good to give up. So stuck in this situationship because our physical connection is so strong- working with a therapist and life coach but damn

It was my first boyfriend back and high school where at the beginning I had a feeling something was wrong. My friends didn''t like him and I just chalked it up to jealousy. Few months later, I was dumped and found out he had been going out with my "friends" behind my back. Over the next two years after our relationship he contacted me countless amounts of time until i finally had to threaten a restraining order. Wish I had listened to my 16 year old gut

my ex is narcissistic. He did me the favor and told me it''s over. He shacked up with a girl from his work two weeks after I moved out. I''ve realized he is more insecure than me. Now I am working on a better me!!!!

Red flags.... Someone I was engaged to incessantly teased the family pet to the point that it became defensive. This persons siblings did not like them and wouldn''t be around them. I ignored it an married him anyway. Finally... 20 years later ---divorce. I am know married to my best friend and have never been happier .

Ex girlfriend and one point in the relationship said if a disaster happened she wanted to be with her kids and could care less of what happened to me and to top it off she hung out with her ex hubby all the time when we were together. It didn''t last long.

A red flag I saw and still got married, well there were several, but I learned that even while we were dating she was cutting herself >&< &B she didn''t wanna get help and I thought I could help her and change her

I had a boyfriend that didn''t tell me until 4 months into the relationship that he was having a kid with his ex. He also always said "If you love me you''ll do this" it was always something I didn''t want to do.

Ignored that ex-bf had been married & divorced 2x by age 32, knew he had trauma from 2nd wife being abusive, but made excuses about going 2 therapy.

Definitely ignored red flags when I was younger. Lack of self esteem (overweight) and mommy issues had me dating guys who weren''t into me, who only wanted a physical relationship and who didn''t respect me. Got my butt into therapy, worked on myself and can spot red flags a mile away.

was working on Wall street in the stock exchange. Meet a girl on my lunch break. Offered to buy her lunch. She said, im not hungry, but u can give me the money and ill get something later. Red flag

pretended to be something he wasn''t, claimed to have lots of money, but refused to move out of his parents house, would never pick me up for dates, would get confrontational and rude when I would try to address something that was bothering me, trolled me when I tried to break things off. Yes this was all the same guy.

was married for two years, after I got divorced read my journal and had pages upon pages of red flags. I knew it was wrong the whole time. Red flags slapped me in the face!

I''m a red flag sucker. I dodged a huge bullet though with an ex. Massive temper. The girl after me he almost killed by choking and beating her. Feel bad for her but glad it wasn''t me. He''s in prison living the dream now.

After going through a painful divorce my husband of 10 years and father of my 2 children, I finally got smart and stopped ignoring red flags while dating. One guy wanted to be exclusive after 2 weeks and told me he was in love with me. I caught him looking at texts on my phone. Uhm, byeeee! I ran to the hills and never looked back.

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