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TEXT TOPIC: How much weight have you gained during the pandemic?

gained 30 since pandemic but stopped buying candy and now down 15. It is what it is.

gained 14 lbs. Even my doctor asked what changed in my diet

Pandemic weight +8 lbs! Started back to regular exercise but still having a tough time saying no to comfort food!

Well...about 40 to 45 lb

Gained 25 pounds L

Well, my wife lost 15lbs, great for her but bad for me. I found the 15lbs plus 5lbs! This dad is hitting the gym! Lol

moved in with my parents right when the pandemic started so I have no scale... or gym... which is probably a good thing.

I've gained 25 pounds high May not seem like much but I'm 5 foot flat so I look like I'm carrying twins in my butt

gained 17lbs after I had lost 60lbs

gained a whopping 21 pounds during this pandemic

let's just say my old maternity underwear don't fit anymore all of a sudden..

have gained back the 15lbs I had lost beforehand

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