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TEXT TOPIC: Tell us something good about your finances

My mom gave me her Covid check and I paid a chunk of debt off!! Feels SO good!

Had a 2016 tax audit, they said I owed $74000 in taxes, great tax guy helped me with the audit, came back and I owe ZERO! yay!

My dad won $36k in Wendover on last Monday. Over a few different hands on video poker

I'm almost finished paying off my student loans.

I'm great full for my savings as well as still being able to work. I have enough to support myself for almost a year if I get laid off

I’m a registered nurse, got the position I applied for in Anchorage Alaska making $40,000 more a year than I do in Utah.

hubby and I just paid $14000 cash for a car. So proud we finally didn't have to finance a car.

Taking advantage of no interest on student loans right now and making a huge dent in my student loan debt.

I lost my job over corona I found one making triple what I as making and able to pay my debt first yay!

We paid off our house 3 months ago. And just calculated our net worth and it’s $1.1 million.

My husband just got a promotion at work, he's now a supervisor and got a huge raise!

we sold our house and got $100,000 in equity!

my husband and I finally have a savings account. We haven't been able to put anything away until now. We are both spenders. Been married 4 years

Through all this pandemic not only have I remained working. I paid a loan off of 12K in 6 months. Finally debt free!! Now I'm saving for a new home.

Wife and I are young 30''s, have everything paid for minus the house and have been fortunate to grow our savings account (beyond 401k, retirement accounts) to $185k.

finances: my mortgages are covered by renters now so I am going to be debt free by the end of the year!

it may look bad but I filed for bankruptcy right before Covid. Al debt has been cleared got new also before Covid. Still have the $1000 from the government. I have saved $8000 I’m not ever going back into debt.

After filing bankruptcy we have been able to stay caught up on bills and have 25,000 in savings

Hubby and I went from $1400 in savings to $20k in the last 18 months. I'm so proud of us

I just want to shout out to all the people that tipped me $10+ on their Shipt and Instacart orders! You are more than greatly appreciated.

For the first time in my life i have 2 months worth of expenses sitting in the bank

I was able to buy another commute car cash $5000 car and can still pay my bills with a little extra in the bank

Good news is I got a $2 raise at work

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