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TEXT TOPIC: Someone in your life murdered someone you know

When we were 20, my Dutch teenage love & I talked about getting back together & he was going to fly out to UT. A week before he was found dead by suicide and I think it was his ex.

pretty sure my grandpa's mistress murdered him. She gutted his trailer home right after and hasn't been seen since.

he was shot and supposedly found by her a couple hours later in the back yard. She never left the house and just so happened she left that day for a couple hours.

just had a thing pop up on my phone about a blast in Baltimore.

I swear my real mother killed my stepdad. She would always make shady comments before he died and never slept in the same room with him. Then the night he died she just happened to be in the same room as him. He also didn’t want to be cremated and she had him cremated. Didn’t tell any of the kids until after it was done. Changed his will before he passed and non of the kids knew.

We are all pretty sure my best friend from high school was murdered by her boyfriend. He gave her some pills (they both did drugs) and knowingly gave her too many pills. Her body was found 3 days later in their apartment and he lives there.

I’m pretty sure one of my employees was murdered or kidnapped by her fiancé. He abused her and one day she stopped coming to work. Her Facebook and phone number have been disconnected

I’m pretty sure my see you next Tuesday of a ex-step mom killed my dad. She took everything and left us kids with nothing. Put all his stuff out in the driveway like a yard sale. We just can’t prove anything.

My aunt we believe her husband murdered her by the way the bullet hit her but it was ruled as a suicide.

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