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TEXT TOPIC: You hurt yourself and your spouse was not impressed


Listen to this! Taking a morning walk with hubby. Kicked a FN acorn. My shoe rolled on it, it literally through me to the sidewalk. Instant pain, hubby tried pick me up. I screamed and said don’t touch me. A passerby called ambulance. They gave me morphine right on the spot in my arm. 4 hours later, found out I broke my humerus bone in 6 places. 2 months physical therapy and I got shingles on the same arm. All because of a effin’ acorn.

Last month rented one of the lime scooters with my husband. It was late at night And I hit a curb with my face. I have multiple facial fractures broke my teeth and have a major concussion. I now cannot work for a while.

injured myself playing the all famous church ball here in Utah. I hadn't played for about 10 years and felt in the mood to go shoot some hoops! There's a trash talking five footer in my best effort to block his shot and injured my back for a week. My wife, "You're an idiot", "But he was talking trash."

Riding 4wheeler, told hubby 2b careful, 5 min later our daughter comes back & said dad flipped doing donuts. Superman’s off & fractured 2 ribs

Went on a 50-mile bike ride. On my way home my knee started acting up and instead of stopping I just kept riding. By the time I got home I could barely walk. Husband was not impressed by my "pushing through the pain"

my husband keeps hurting himself at sports as well, the last time he split his head open @ basketball he needed 8 staples in the ER, I told him not to bleed on my car. Now I tell him if he gets hurt not to come back home.=

My husband rides a road motorcycle and I have told him since we got married it was time to sell it because I don’t want to become a widow... well a couple months ago he laid the bike down in the middle of an intersection instead of hitting a car. He was totally fine but was bruised on his leg and hip pretty bad. So for two weeks all I heard was how soar he was. Obviously I used the opportunity to tell him I told him so and it was time to sell the bike but I couldn’t help but roll my eyes as well every time he stood up from the couch like a 90 year old.

when I was 30 weeks pregnant my husband went mountain biking and overshot a jump and broke both wrists, broke teeth, bit tip of his tongue off, cracked his eye socket & had a concussion. Three surgeries later and he can’t move one of his wrists at all. I was not impressed one bit.

Hurt my back BAD last summer doing max deadlift, couldn’t even pickup my 6mo old. Hubs would be pissed if he knew how heavy i was lifting. Downplayed it and said i just overworked it. He had no idea how bad i was jacked up

ZHT Hurt myself by crashing my dirt bike and getting stitches in my chin (same incident as my last text lol) and the bike literally flew at least 7ft in the air then hit the ground hard, my husband was so mad, the bike needed so much work.

I helped a couple of guys push a lifted truck thru the intersection of 45th and State. Went to run back to my car but my legs were spent and I ate asphalt. In front of EVERYONE.

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