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TEXT TOPIC: How did you embarrass yourself in front of people?

I was out on my road bike& I came to a stoplight.clipped out of my left pedal but leaned to my right. Tipped over in the middle of a busy intersection.

I was in detention in elementary in phx the room was packed had to fart so I leaned over to let out a "silent one" and it was extremely loud! Bout 20 kids

was at the beach boogie boarding and a wave sucked me under. Didn''t know what way was up. When I finally found air my top was under my big boobs forthe whole beach to see.

have you ever heard the saying - you can find out whether you''re old or not if you fall down people point and laugh or come running to your Aid?=

I work at a bank and I was in the speaker in the drive through and I told a man he had a big unit, I was talking about his truck

When I was in junior high school in the middle of class we were all kind of casually talking and someone said something that was funny and everyone started laughing. Well when I started laughing I simultaneously pushed out a very loud fart. I didn''t know what to do so I pointed at my friend at the same time he was pointing at me and everyone just laughed even harder. It was hilarious!

Went to scare my daughter and some friends by running around the other side of some townhomes. Went from grass to asphalt and did a Superman dive belly first on the road. If only I was playing baseball and sliding into second. SMH

at Lagoon-a-beach with family, got out to go home, was doing high knees cuz the ground was HOT, slipped and fell in front of everyone, hurt my shoulder was embarrassed and found out I''m old

fell down and I was wearing lace panties cause and my teacher yelled out devils panties and everyone watched me tumble so embarrassing

I was wearing a jean skirt to high school and it was a fire alarm out class had to be on hill and when it was over I tried going down tripped

I ran after my toddler who went onto the bowling lane and slipped and fell flat on my back! There were lots of people laughing andrunning to my rescue

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