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TEXT TOPIC: How did you lose your best friend?

BFF stopped talking to me because I was trying to warn her not to marry some guy that I had never even heard about. He had already pushed her away from all of her family. She just wanted me to be happy for her. Years later.....she never married him, but she still doesn’t speak to me

Just recently my BFF decided to text me out of the blue and wanted to know why a mutual friend had asked me a question about her and about who was her baby daddy, I told her I didn’t know why the other person asked that and to ask her and she told me to never talk to her again over something I didn’t even do, she’s also done similar things to me for the past 15 years.

BFF borrowed $2k from me, start acting psycho and said don’t hang out with her anymore and said that I kept pushing her away but it’s other way around not friends anymore and I lost 2k

I lost my best friend last December = my bestie s new girlfriend met me once at dinner and the next day my best friend sent me a message saying that he wanted to distance. Haven t seen or heard from him since. They re married now and I m still heart broken

I was going through a divorce. Found out my best friend was talking shit to my soon to be ex

I have two kiddos. Every year I buy supplies for them and two more kids for donation. It's a great teaching experience.

12 year friendship she listen to the gossip of others. Called me on my birthday to tell me I''ve changed into a bad person. I said this friendship is toxic and I’m done. Hung up, and never talked to her again. My life got so much better after that moment.

She was a bridezilla didn’t take the time to see me when I was in the hospital with a bad health 2 weeks before wedding. "are you still going to be able to be in the line?" She asked. Final straw was her not caring that a ex roommate (narcissist) did me wrong meddled in my relationship and she was hanging out with him and sympathizing "didn’t do me wrong"

My best friend of 18 years slept with my husband while we were still married. We spoke for the first time this year and it’s been eight years since it happened.

When I was a teen, me and a good friend saw another friend cheating on her by which was my friends cousin....we agreed to tell him. But my friend sold me out to the other saying it was all me because i was jealous and that she didn’t see anything like that. So I cut them all from my life.

Lost my best friend since 5 when she ended up taking what another friend said as truth against me and all my friends started to seem fake to me high school can test friendships.

I confided in my friend about losing my house since I was going through a divorce. She went to the bank and bought my house from the bank instead of offering to buy it for me for what she bought it from the bank for.

I lost my best friend since 2nd grade.. When he slept with my then high school boyfriend of 4yrs and my older brother. While staying at my childhood home! Caused my family relationship between my father and brother to collapse and I moved out at 17 and never went back!

Bff got a DUI called me to take GF over to her house. I said sleep we will see you tomorrow. She went off on my saying I was the worst friend because I would not take her GF to her house at 3 am. We have not talked in over 13 years

BFFs & neighbors since we were 8, junior year her bf broke up with her & immediately started telling all our friends he was into me. She was convinced we were secretly dating for 6months before she finally talked me again (We never dated). I was just her maid of honor in her wedding last week though!

My friend kept choosing users/abusers to date and the last guy she dated i told her I couldn’t pick her up anymore

We had a very small Covid wedding siblings & parents only. Zero exceptions because we couldn’t choose any friends over other friends. We both lost friends because they felt they were better "family" than our blood family, which is totally true but we wanted to be safe & it was when we couldn’t have more than 10 people thought we were doing the right thing.

I had a BFF in elementary and the beginning of jr high but we decided to befriend I new girl to the school and she managed to convince my BFF tone only her bff and I lost my BFF

I asked my BFF of 10+ years not to smoke weed around me. I caught her red handed when we were hanging out and she lied about it to my face. Really?? You couldn’t go one night without smoking?

Came home from my senior trip to her in my bed with my high school boyfriend. Ruined our friendship still not friends 20 years later

behind my back she was seeing him. She told me a day later They ran to Vegas to get married.

I said bye to a BFF this year. She has showed zero support for things that mean a lot to me. Also, jerky dating comments. No thanks.

My husband and I split up and she stopped talking to me when we spilt. She was single and I going thru a rough time. Needed her most at this time & she left me.

Politics. We’re on opposite ends of the spectrum. At first, we could ignore it but she kept trying to lecture me and tell me what an awful person I was for disagreeing with her. 23 years of friendship gone.

My best friend accused my 2 young boys of stealing their fancy set of game systems (game boys and accessories). Years later it turned out to be this old friend of hers that was visiting & He was on drugs and shady and would have been the clear person to suspect back when it happened.

My Ex-bff slept with boyfriend while I was pregnant

Bff through Jr high and high school the year after high school he made out with my girlfriend at the time so I told his girlfriend what had happened. His girlfriend and I decided to sleep together. Haha karma baby.

After having a baby my bestie never came to visit. Then several months later she invited me to a night out. I was struggling with ppd & was so excited. I went & quickly learned it was an MLM party. I was hurt that all she seemed to want was to sell to me & didn’t really care how I was doing.

I lost my bff because she only gave a shit about her exciting news, when it came to my news she was like oh that''s nice. So me being a big JERK I didn’t go to her wedding and all hell broke loose.

I called her a bitch 1 time back in march. She couldn''t get over the fact I called her out and everytime we disagreed on anything she brought that back up so I left and have never felt more free.

My best friend at the time was dating her now husband and we got in a fight because I kept telling her that he is gay. Well they married have two kids and guess who is now coming out...

I lost my best friend of over a decade for staging an intervention with her family. She was drinking bottle after bottle of vodka daily and driving her two young children. I HAD to do something before she killed someone. That was 2 years ago and she won’t talk to me.

I lost my best friend of 25 years because he got "too busy" with his job. He doesn't respond to my texts or calls or any attempt of communication. (I see his social media stories all the time, so I know he isn't as busy as he claimed.)

Married BF started flirting &hanging out with a married man, had me go with when they would "hangout!" I secretly told my Best Friend’s hubby she was overly flirty, to try to stop an affair. They found out it was me and the friendship ended

My best friend used everything I told her was wrong in my marriage and flipped it to work her way in and have an affair with my husband…no B-otch we will never be friends again.

Ex-BFF made my breakup about her. Got mad at me because she didn't want to go to Wendover w/her & her hubby. I don't gamble or smoke pot & her hubby is a drug addict.

My best friend since 7th grade decided we could no longer be friends because I came out as BI in 11th grade, she said I must have liked her that way the whole time. I DID NOT.

Lost my "best" friend when she started dating a married man, expecting me to hang out, travel, etc and sneak around his wife. Just couldn't do it.

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