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TEXT TOPIC: What weird thing happened at the wedding?

My sister and hubby crashed a wedding. Danced all night. Years later their daughters friend going thru pics says hey isn''t that your mom & dad. It was her mom’s wedding they crashed not knowing

I’m Arab and in our weddings we cut the cake with a sword and the bride/groom family like cousins and the whole country sleeps at their house to eat breakfast with them the next day people sleeping in the front yard, backyard, rooftop (we had flat roofs) just bodies everywhere ha-ha.

Groomsmen got drunk at the bachelor party the night before my friend’s wedding. One fell into the Ohio River and then threw up in the aisle during the ceremony

My friend’s wedding, the brides side would steal the grooms side shoes and won't return it unless the groom pays them a good price. I got $50

That happened at my aunts wedding. No idea what the groom did, but my mom and aunts got hammered.

Grooms family came and "stole" the bride at their reception .... they hid her for about 30 minutes

My best man passed out with his shirt off in the bushes directly after the ceremony =

Just trying to help - is this what Kylie is talking about? Chivalry (shiv - al - ry: courteous behavior, especially that of a man toward a woman.

Weird wedding Bride rode in on white horse. Guest had to sit on hay bales in the field. While walking to sit, grasshoppers were everywhere. Women were screaming because the hoppers were jumping up their dresses.

I was his 3 marriage, my 1st both lived on our own for over 20 years we did not need a lot of gifts we asked for money

My ex got married on Halloween at a haunted house and they were dressed as Frankenstein and the bride of Frankenstein....I would love to send you the pic, I look at it every time I need a good laugh!!

Wasn't invited to nieces wedding. Later found out my sister n law was to embarrassed because they had a Mickey and Minnie Disney wedding

Bride gave groom sword for wedding as her gift to him. They used it to cut the cake, and she stood behind him like the dude.

A Tim Burton wedding would be cool. Ha-ha but for real though.

What separation are you talking about Kylie? I grew up LDS but did not witness any separation of the bride or groom at receptions

The groom and his mom danced to honey I'm good by Andy Grammar. It was just odd and didn't make sense

I went to my cousins wedding last year and his best friend gave a toast/speech. In the speech he kept calling the bride my cousins Ex’s name!

Nothing is weirder than Carol Baskins wedding to her current husband.

Went to a Wedding with a Roommate. Mother of the groom showed up in a white formal gown complete with a mini veil. She sobbed loudly throughout the ceremony, and then tried to cut in every time the bride and groom danced.

When I was in middle school we went to my dad’s friend’s wedding it was pirate themed on the side of the lake everyone was in costume full-blown swords hats handlebar mustaches the works and during the ceremony the best man and the groom had a duel over the bride weird.

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