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TEXT TOPIC: What do you want to admit?

I’m willing to admit I'm not happy in my relationship that I've been in for 4 years and I haven't been for a while

I am 32 and I admit i suck my thumb at night to help me sleep, its a Comfort thing.

I was a bully in Jr. high and I’m sorry to those i hurt. Had a change after been bullied myself

I admit that I’m 48 and i still read Nancy drew books and watch smurfs cartoons

I didn’t think I would be as doting parent with a daughter. We did IVF for both our kids. We had boy first and I was over the moon. I was disappointed when i found out we were having a girl. I think it was more fear because I’m a lesbian. I admit my life would not be complete without my daughter!

you guys, crazy you would have this topic today! I used to swear in my wrath that I would never, EVER drive a minivan! I bought my neighbor’s old Honda Odyssey last week and I absolutely love it! #toomanykidsforanythingelse

I'm willing to admit that getting married was a mistake

A family member had a Lord of the Rings escape room wedding. I wasn't able to go but it sounded.... interesting.

I always complain and come out people that are flaky. For years I have expressed how much I can stand it. Well, I am flaky. No in business but in personal commitments. I didn’t want to admit it to myself. I commit to things in the moment because I don’t want to say "no". Then later I find am excuse to not come. I need to own it and learn to say no and that it’s ok.

I'm willing to admit that my feelings for a coworker are a result of my actions and not shortcomings of my spouse. Took me too long to realize this.

My mom was right (I hate that) when I was younger, I was adamant I would never ever have kids. Now I’m open to it with a guy I would know could be a good co parent if we broke up.

I always try to deny this with everyone so this is really difficult to say but I am willing to admit that a part of me is still waiting for my best friend to realize I am the one for him. I''ve been in love with him for four years

I’m almost 40 and I always said I would never marry and last yr I got married thru the church.

So I hate to admit it but... Being a guy I''ve always liked reading romance novels. LOL yup Nora Roberts that''s my shizz. Haha I just like love stories and happy endings. Plus I have to admit the sex scenes aren''t bad either! LOL

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