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TEXT TOPIC: Are you attracted to your friend's spouse?

My boyfriend’s friend came over for dinner and when he went to go leave he gave me a hug and almost said he loved me. Then every time he saw me after that he would always say how good I looked. He is no longer my boyfriend’s friend.

I had the biggest crush on my friends’ husband since high school... she made fun of me for liking him but then later they started dating....

Female. married .. but I'm attracted to my husband’s best friend I know nothing will happen between us but the way he treats me is attractive!!

My ex-girlfriend was one of my wife’s best friends. After we got married my ex admitted to still having feelings for me after she ended our relationship by ghosting me for 3 months over Christmas and new years then dumping me the day before valentine’s day

My friends’ husband has cornered me numerous times saying how beautiful I am. The last time he kissed me... I refuse to hang out anymore and it’s going to be the end of my bff and I.

Am I attracted to my friends’ spouse? I am a guy. If it has boobs, I am interested. Doesn't mean I am going to do anything. (happily married by the way)

I used to be in love with my buddy Nick’s girlfriend back in high school. Years Later they broke up, one night she was getting frisky with me, I mean wanted to hook up. As badly as I wanted to I told her I just couldn’t do that. She had been with my friend for so long I didn’t feel like it would be right.

I’m not attractive to my friend Chris'' spouse because she’s attractive. I’m aroused around her because we hate each other. And there’s some real dynamite chemistry if anything were to happen sexually between us.

My best friend of 15 years was attracted to my spouse but I never thought anything of it because she was married. Boy was I wrong they ended up hooking up my husband and I got divorced her husband and her got divorced and they are now together and have been for a little over a year. I still have to see them because we share children.

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