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TEXT TOPIC: Are you jealous of your significant other's dog?

we have a black lab. It is so attached to my husband. I run a lot and would wake him out with me. When I was pregnant he would literally drag me but when my husband would run with him he stayed right by his side. My husband didn’t believe it until I was out running one day and he drove past me. Once Iwas done being pregnant it wasn’t as bad. He follows him everywhere and I told my husband the placenta cord is still attached to our dog and him.

my husband is jealous of my horse. But if I don’t have a great bond with him I could die while riding so you would think he would want me to have that right?&9

Ex and I had 3 dogs. We split; he broke in & took the one that bonded w/me more, just to get back at me. Been trying to get her back for a yr now

my husband brought home a dog without asking me a month after we had our baby. He isnt a "lovey" person but he is with the dog all the time . Since you can’t woohoo after having a baby I tried other things like taking showers together and he refused but he would shower with the dog when it needed a bath. The dog destroys our house and he makes excuses for him. I resent the dog and it has almost ended our marriage.

my husband is jealous of my horse. I can’t post pics of me and him in fb as it makes him mad.

my husbands dog does this. He's a big german shepherd. He always wants to spend time and snuggle with me instead of my husband and it drives him crazy.

my boyfriend is jealous of his puppy loving me more than''s pretty fun to mess with him. Might start putting treats in mypocket

My wife and I would get amorous and the damn dog would go hump everything in sight.

drives me crazy when people sneeze and you give them a bless you and they never say thank you it's just rude!

if you're going to ask me on a date, please do not talk about your ex wife the entire time. Thanks for dinner but next !

drives me nuts when people sneeze

Father-in-law, I help you at your business on the weekends, and some nights, way not pay me those hours, before you keep buying yourself new toys, boats and campers. I work, because i need the money

So annoying when people walk in front of you in a store and don't say excuse me, especially if it's a small space in front of what I'm looking at

Hey two "best friends", really cool of you guys to go on a trip together without me. The real sting is that you went out of you way to keep it from me.

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