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TEXT TOPIC: Who used COVID as an excuse?

A guy at my work took 2 weeks because of COVID.. He didn’t have covid-19 he just said that he didn’t feel comfortable going to work. But he took the companies emergency medical pay as well as unemployment during that time so he made twice as much as he normally would.

My boss will want clearance from doctor before you're allowed back. I'm at instacare right now.

Husband has a staff member who has said she has had Covid numerous times. Been tested twice, negative both times. Total hypochondriac and lazy as hell.

My ex-Bro in law claimed COVID to get out of a custody hearing. Totally fake.

I have two coworkers who have use the Covid excuse twice each now both receiving paid time off until they get a test results back which then we findout they never got a test and then last week I had to go get tested I''m six months pregnant and I now have to fill out a form that they did not require before so I can get my time paid for. I have the Negative test result so I''m not worried but it''s infuriating that people are using it as an excuse. One went camping and the other went night clubing. Don't post on social media when your sick with Covid

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