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TEXT TOPIC: What is the weirdest thing you've found?

I was finishing the basement a few years ago and found a giant, lime green dildo on the AC/heater main. The previous owner must have missed their toy.

I lost my false teeth at a Halloween party 3 years ago then this may my niece calls me "I was ripping out the bushes out front and found this thing I was wtf, oh I bet it’s uncles .... teeth" no I was not drunk or near those bushes.

My grandma had a prosthetic leg and took it off in a restaurant and forgot it when we left. I was maybe 13 or 14 and had to go back in and ask them if they had found a fake leg under our table? Mortified!

I once saw a Walmart shopping cart in the middle of the salt flats

had a part time job cleaning the local elementary school during the Summer. Found a used condom out on the playground.

not something I found buy something that I lost that’s was found. We lost our keys in a reservoir swimming a week later a scuba diver found them and contacted us. (I made a post on a local Yard sale page) we got our keys back and the fob still worked!

I'm a nurse and people "lose" Things in their body all the time.

Lake Powell cruising around in a speed boat, see something off in the distance. Curiosity makes us go check it out. Getting closer we can see it''s alife jacket. 50 yards from the lifejacket we see there''s a baby in it. Thank God for the right pillow life jacket. Baby''s fine. Grabbed baby. Not a boatin sight. NO ONE AROUND. Start racing towards the marina, come around corner and we see the houseboat with everyone racing around in hysteria. We hold up the baby like the lion king cub. Tears of joy all around not a dry eye!!! Baby was laying flat on the deck and rolled underneath the chains and intothe water. Curiosity killed the cat but saved the baby

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