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TEXT TOPIC: What did you get blamed for?

Mom blames me for everything. Her drink spills- it’s my fault. She misses kicking a ball during kick ball -it’s my fault. It’s become a family joke at this point and we all; including myself laugh about it

I work in HR for a retail company and with unemployment being what it is, we aren’t getting as many applications for positions. Being the person who does the hiring, I am blamed all the time for us not being fully staffed. Instead of thinking about what’s going on in the world and people reaping the benefits from unemployment right now, they blame me and say that I am not trying hard enough to fill the positions. It''s super frustrating! I tried to educate them, but it doesn’t mean anything other than the position is not filled in their eyes.

I was blamed for Alabama losing the national championship game because I drank from the wrong cup and took my shoes off (different routine than in games past). Ex husband and family were NOT kidding. Alabama FREAKS!

My husbands story: Someone called HR and told them I was a drunk. In reality I was losing feeling in my legs due to diabetes so I wobbled. I now walk with a cane.

I’m the safety guy at work. I get blamed for everyone having to wear their protective great in 100 degree heat. It’s my job so go whine to yo momma. Lol.

Blamed for being a racist, just because I'm in law enforcement.

I was playing in a coed softball tournament in St. George and the guy on the other team kept mouthing off. Short story of it I told him "go have another donut fat boy" and all Hell broke loose fists we’re swinging, dog pile Was happening and bodies were flying. don’t know how I lucked out and didn’t get punched in the face. But we both got kicked out of the tournament and mind you We lost our first game so we were in the toilet bowl bracket! = % my fault!!

My buddy’s brother died and the girlfriend started to claim she was the fiancé. She sued my buddy’s family for all her dead boyfriend’s possessions, house, and money. He put my buddy as his benefactor for everything and the girlfriend blamed my buddy for not giving her everything.

When I was a kid, got blamed 4 pulling sheets & blankets out of linen closet. Didn't do it, parents didn't believe me, had 2 clean it up. Cried whole time.

If my husband misplaced anything he always asks what I did with it. Like I'm moving around his tools. Hat, sunglasses, etc. For fun

I know some people in my family my ex's family blame me for his suicide. Something I think about everyday struggle with. In therapy for it but still struggle

At a past job, a girl I worked with said I had done and said a bunch of awful things. I didn’t fight it too much because I believe the truth comes out in the end. 3 years later it did and I was sent a bunch of apologies. Sometimes all you need is to know is in your heart you aren’t to be blamed. Can’t convince people of their beliefs.

My brother is married and has a woman on the side. She told him I wrote a couple of terrible texts to her and he has written me out of his life because of it. I don’t even have her number.

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