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TEXT TOPIC: We wanna hear something good going on in your life!

I got to SUPRISE my 4-year-old grandson Tucker for his 4th birthday in St George. He walked into his fav restaurant and there we were. It was a fun HOT weekend doing what he wanted

I am proud to say in the last year and a half I've lousy 100 pounds 40 to hop!

My wife took her first trip away from our son and I and it went fantastic. I'm proud that she was able to tackle her anxiety

After 11 long months we finally closed on our newly built home last week. We are very blessed and grateful. New Beginnings!!

Something good is I am finally going to see a pain MD for my back and knees and they specialize in medical marijuana

For the first time in 13 yrs., I am debt free! Paid off $22k in 18 months! I followed Dave Ramsey and appreciate budgeting now - it's so liberating!

I’m 21 and 39 weeks pregnant with my first baby. It's a boy . And I'm getting induced with him tomorrow wish me luck!

Just woke up in my new home. Feeling blessed.

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