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TEXT TOPIC: Who fell for a scam?

when on a Cruise the scammers on the beaches do the same thing. They give u a water or bear, towel, sunblock, umbrella, whatever then they say ok that''s $20. Ugh

received a call saying I had won $3.5 million and a new Mercedes. It would only cost me $199.92 in a Walmart or Amazon gift card, to cover the money transfer. I played with them for a bit, got more information, turned them in, blocked their calls.

summer my a/c went out. Hired a company to come fix it and they said i needed a whole new system for around $14k. I was distraught. Did not have that kind of money. Had someone else come look at it and they fixed the problem for $75. So thankful to find an honest person to help me that was nottrying to take advantage.

I had that same gutter company (protesters) come give me a bid for the same gutters. I have a small house as well and the bid was $7,600 =3

whenever getting work done on my house, I always get at least 3 estimates. One way to try and avoid a scam

Was at a gas station and this guy pulls up next to me opens his truck and shows me this surround sound with projector and said he had too many for the job site he was going to. He said he would give to me for $600 and I totally fell for it. It was low quality equipment. He had said it was worth $4K.I was furious. It’s totally a very common scam if you search online.

Grandson got call from bank, stating possible fraud. He gave person on phone just enough info to clone bank app. Mobile Deposited check for 5k, cash apped out within 24 hours. Still fighting because bank didn’t put a hold on that check :( hard entry into being an adult.

my friends mom just got scammed 2k for a puppy she never got. She sent the money to hold the dog and it was all fake

a coworker got a call from a "detective" saying she needed to pay $500 or $1000 if not she was going to get a warrant out for her arrest... and needed to pay in visa gift cards... the person made her check in with them at every stop she made until she got to the meeting point.. she tried calling backone time and realized it was not a "detective"

This is my world everyday working fraud for a financial institution. Please if you are asked to return any money, it''s a scam. Never give your information out.

I run a business from home and got a message from someone wanting $900 worth of products then got a check for $1200 and they said they sent the wrongcheck take out what is owed and send the rest back reported it to bank

Received a text my phone bill was on hold click the link to pay and add my payment info yet i had already paid days before called the Carrier toldme it was a scam I had almost clicked on the link ...close one!

my husband had been unemployed for 2 yrs. someone posing as an employer "offered" him a job- got him to fill out a "W2" And almost send a check for $4500

My business partner fell for a scam. He received a call saying that our bank account had fraudulent charges and they just needed to confirm our information in order to stop the fraudulent charges. He gave them all the information they needed in order to take over $6000 out of our business account

so I live in Vernal and a gas company called me help me call them back and it said Utah gas press number one to upgrade your meter which that''s whatI needed to do apparently I talk to someone they wanted me to send $700 for the new meter that I would be credited back on my next monthly statement, I had to pay up front in a Card that I could get at 7-11 or Walgreens. They had me going . I Found a previous statement from the gas company called them they told me I was being scammed.

I work for a bank and TOO many people are being scammed through zelle and Venmo for product they never get. I file a sad amount of claims for clients.

Retailer. They got my old phone, never credited me for the trade in, added $150 of accessories on my acct to pay monthly. They said it wasfree. I did not believe it, too good to be true kind of thing. But customer service told me it could be valid when I called day after being in store. They Added ins to my acct which I never auth. The customer service line told me I was scammed and the store has to fix it. Told me to not go to store alone. I am working to get it fixed... taking time... so awful.

dad was selling his truck online and the "buyer" wanted a car fax from him and sent him a link to a specific website to pull the car fax. My dad was about to do it and I caught it was a scam to a fake site to get his credit card info.

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