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TEXT TOPIC: What Toy Do You Regret Buying Your Kid?

The evil singing teapot set that keeps going even with no batteries =

Tiny Legos. HELL NO! It hurts to step on them, pieces get lost and it leads to frustration. HELL! NO!

Fart Gun from minions. It takes batteries and make 30 different fart noises

The giggle Elmo!!! Turn away!!! Bury it in the yard!!! =,=D>

Elf on the shelf!! Never!!!!

When my son was little I made the decision to not allow video gaming in my home. As I''ve watched him grow and have seen some of his weaknesses, I’m more convinced than ever that it was the right decision for our family. Hopefully it has taught him more worthwhile ways to use his time, though I''ve been the meanest mom ever for the last 18 yrs.

Slime, it got all over my two year old's clothes, shoes, everywhere! I washed it and it didn't get out! Stained everything pink :/

Remember those push poppers, made I believe by Fisher Price, yeah those. They are so annoying and were not allowed in my home. People were told if you do, you get one in return for your child.

My sister is the worst. She gets all the little kids play dough, slime, silly putty, and anything else she can, EVERY Christmas as a prank joke forall us siblings and says, no lie, "have fun with your carpets!"

We buy all our friends massive bags of those play land balls as gifts. Worst gift you can give because they are everywhere

bunchems! Not allowed!!!! Can get stuck in hair!! So scary!

my brother asked if he could get my girls nerf guns for Christmas last year. I said yes, they''ve never had any kind of toy gun. I immediately took them away when they played. I did NOT like the way it came off how they were pointing them at each other and WANTing to hurt each other.

my parents got my niece an angry bird that lights up, play theme song and dance. She plays with it all day all night and my sister is regretting letting that bird in the house

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