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TEXT TOPIC: People with Bad Manners

When people don’t pick up after themselves at places, or putting their carts back at stores. Also, when they let their kids run crazy and just act like "well that’s just little Bobby" Sebastian has a great joke about this.

Blind date, picnic at a park, went back 2 my apartment; said he was thirsty, walked over 2 my kitchen sink & drank straight from faucet! No 2nd date.

Reaching into my personal space at the grocery store without saying excuse me. It drives. Me. INSANE.

I HATE when people don't return shopping carts... lazy and zero manners

when someone chews with their mouth open while eating

My in-law was serving some dessert and my 5yo wanted some too so she said how she wanted it, my in-law then goes, I'm not your momma! And walks away.

Anyone that stands too close to you in line to make it move faster, that's not how lines work friends.

when people call to make a doc appt and treat you like a servant. We are here to SERVE YOU NOT BE A SERVANT

I hate that my sister-in-law shows up at my house without calling first.

My fiancé actually got after somebody at Walmart for standing too close.

When people done wave thanks when you let them in a lane or to turn when you drive. Or simple just please and thank you.

loud chewing

My co worker smacks when she eats all the time. I tell her to close her mouth.

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