TEXT TOPIC: What is your Passive Aggressive text?

I am in constant pain I don't want to hear you say it's because I sleep too much or I need to lose weight I just want to vent

dear hubby I handed divorce papers on Sunday for a reason. Im done being married to you. On how you treat me our daughter, and my boys. Quite moping around and giving excuses. Its over.

Dear annoying neighbors! Please stop throwing your cigarette butts in my yard! My dogs eat them and it makes them so sick! I wish I could tell you this but you don''t speak any English. #timetolearnspanish

dear mother in law. Your son, my fianc, is a grown man. You need to let him grow up and not baby him so much. Also stop talking so much hate about HIS dad! What happened was 15 years ago, LET IT GO

to my mom Claudia this isn''t passive I know you''re listening, and I''ll tell you in person once I see you, stay away from my kids we don''t want you and your drug addictive ways around us. You screwed up

what is the purpose of putting a sign outside your store saying masks are required if your not going to enforce it!

Hi neighbor, I know u just got home from your 4th of July Weekend. But can u NOT light your fireworks collection at 11:30 PM? Some of us are trying to SLEEP

No dumb A your 4 yr. old doesn’t need fireworks this month. How about you pay child support to bring your total for the year to more than $100?

To the guy who put his blinker on to turn right onto my street and then made the decision to go straight at the last second, you and your honking are on my list.

stop cutting off semi trucks! You may not survive if we wreck! I need that space I have between myself and the vehicle in front of me. Please drive smart and give us truckers the space we need. Be safe, much love!

You have a big person job now. Start acting like it. Saying like every other word does not make you sound or look like a big person

you are trying to make everyone think you are good. That your divorce is going amicably. Did you also tell them you are verbally & physically abusive? Or that you are threatening taking the kids away? Nope

I get that you want to be the busiest person so you can complain about it, but let me do the job I was hired to do.

just because your a company owner doesn't mean you get to make mistakes and miscommunicate then turn around and blame me. Bad business , bad managing

sucks you had a crummy childhood, you're 26-you have had 8 years to get your act together stop blaming other people and take responsibility for yourself.

parent your kids. Quit sending them over to grandmas Monday-Saturday to spend the night because you don''t want to wake up 20 minutes earlier in the morning. You wanted kids take care of them.

stop telling me to wear a mask. It triggers my trauma from being kidnapped as a teenager. And I also have bills to pay

Dear husband, calling me a c word and acting as though everything is ok and normal doesn''t fly. You can''t keep apologizing for calling me names and think it''s all ok It''s not, a girl can only take so much

you''re an idiot for marrying a girl half your age. We all know that she''s a gold digger. I want to add that its funny that you said just a few months ago that you didnt know if you could ever get married again =L but here we are

quit bragging about how much you're "making" on unemployment to the kids. You're a loser and I still hate you.

Dear uptight, closed mind, sexist brother in law just because I married into a family of most quiet women and my husband is a soft spoken person doesn''t mean you can belittle me or attack my choice in religion or in anything really! You might be older but definitely not wiser so back off.

yes your mustang is cool and loud. You don''t need need to rev the engine at 630 then do a full lap Around the circle before leaving because you can''t back out the other way of your driveway. EVERY MORNiNG!!

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