TEXT TOPIC: What big news did you get via text?

Found out my grandpa died over Facebook, when I commented on it my aunt called me about it, didn''t realize I didn''t know. My mom text me about it later and was mad my aunt called me before she did. Whose fault is that mom?!

was texted that my previous girlfriend was found dead

best friends mom posted he/hubs were pregnant via surrogate I had a few miscarriages was upset He had no clue why We aren't fiends

I found out that my husband, who I was separated from at the time, was murdered. His family didn''t even try to reach out to me to let me know.

Grandma passed away suddenly and I got a text?!?! Come on that is something that should have been done over phone or in person

my lovely mother decided to text me during my hair appointment to tell me that she had married my on and off step dad (for the 2nd time) a week earlier and had kept it a secret from my 3 siblings, his kids and I, then proceeded to go to her 3 hour spa appointment and leave me hanging ((:

On vacation and found out daughter was pregnant when her baby daddy

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