TEXT TOPIC: Confessions In Professions: People who work in housing

I work in the leasing office of an apartment complex downtown SLC. I’ve gotten busy with at least 8 residents while they’re girlfriends/wives’ aren’t home. Don’t feel any remorse at all. Smile and wave and them everyday!

I'm an apartment manager and we nickname all of our residents--and during Covid I Have had to increase my anxiety and depression meds because people are so mean to us---

Yes, we can waive your late fees. But when you come screaming at us because YOUR late. We don't.

I work in a leasing office and if you piss me off I'll add late fees or random charges to your account that are "impossible to remove"

we really aren't supposed to waive any fees. With fair housing if we do for one we are supposed to for all and can get into trouble.

Manager at apartments downtown. If you come in my office and make a fool of yourself, you better believe my whole team is going to hear about it and you will have a new nickname.

I own some complexes here in Utah. And well when the tenants can''t pay well you can pay with other favors ;). And my partner is a woman. So she also gets her work in with the male tenants. I have explored so much new things with the tenants.

my maintenance guy told me my neighbors needed smoke detector changed & thy had 20 roaches living in the smoke detector.

it drives me nuts when people pay their cell phone or cars before rent. Your late fees on those are so much less than your rent! They also have more room to work with you than we do

you wouldn’t believe what people leave behind in the apartment when they move or even throw away. Our staff has found collectibles, guns, ammo, furniture, and so much more. Biggest haul being rookie basketball cards thrown away. Over $600 in value

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