TEXT TOPIC: Anything crazy happen to you over the 4th of July weekend?

someone I follow on insta was doing fire works and a ash came in hot and landed in the rest of the of the fireworks and pretty much a huge explosion happened

got hit in the leg with a gd firework!!! At my bil house and one of their neighbors had an aerial firework to over, it was shooting off, I grabbed my 8m old baby and while I did part of one exploded on the back of my leg

my boyfriend and I went outside to fly our drone on the 4th and record the fireworks. Almost immediately after we got outside, a cluster of our neighborhood moms that were hanging out started screaming at each other because someone''s kids didn''t want to play with the others. In a few minutes it had escalated to all of the neighborhood dads BEATING EACH OTHER UP IN THE STREET. I can''t make this up. Our neighborhood 4th or July party just ruined half of our neighborhoods relationships with one another.

I was camping and had to have life flight land on the mountain to get a lady that fell out of her camp trailer in serious injury

We were camping up at East canyon... when they were looking for the guy that stole a suv set hillside on fire... they were looking for him by helicopter in our campground and several cops driving through with there spot lights on... really crazy

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