TEXT TOPIC: Do you have an HOA horror story?

My HOA requires our animals to be dna swabbed so that if you don''t pick up the poop outside they trace it back to your animal

my HOA got mad at us because a car is parked in the driveway, not the garage. We have three cars and a 2 car garage. It''s a nice car, and not parked on the street

my 4 girls drew with chalk on MY driveway. 3 weeks later I get a fine notice with a picture of the heinous crime of colorful butterflies and flowers. I fought that crap and won

My wife and I bought our kids a playground for the backyard. We got notices and then fines from our HOA a month later because the playground was purple. I guess purple is not an approved color for a playground.

Lived in a crappy condo with an H O Way of $156 monthly. They started doing annual vent cleaning for fire prevention, but charged an additional $28 every time they did the vent cleaning because they were "building their reserve fund"

My neighbors kids had a lemonade stand a couple weeks ago. The HOA filed a complaint against their lemonade stand. No businesses were allowed in the neighborhood and no signs, either. The kids were raising money for the school of a friend''s disabled sister.

I own an HOA management company and have seen it all. Worst stories come from HOA''s that are self managed and don''t follow State laws. One owner tried to get us excommunicated from church. Another keeps suing his HOA, causing their insurance rates to jump, but his cases are insane and keep getting thrown out. Most people that are happy with their HOA''s don''t talk about it, but are happy that homes in HOA''s have 20% higher resale values at a National level.

We got a notice from our HOA saying to keep your children quiet from 6pm-6am. Are you kidding, we don't live in a hotel.

HOA, my parents have been fined for not having their backyard done and wanted sod put in. My dad in spite of HOA decided to put down grass seed and sent them pictures over the next 2 years to show the slow progress. It is now the best looking grass in the neighborhood. Also have been fined for trashcans being visible. Fined for having a car parked on the street when the snow plow comes. They never even plow the cul de sac.

HOA expected us to store our nasty hot swampy garbage cans in our garage instead of outside evict notices for cans left outside your garage.

HOA fees are 250/mon. No pool no Clubhouse no exercise room no extras. They barely keep the lawns mowed & expect residents to help with the snow removal.

I work in mortgages. I cringe everytime I have to deal with an HOA. Most of them charge $150-200 for the documents I need and they take a week+ to receive. If we need a correction, it''s another $150.

my favorite group of people the hoa started to send me notices that I had planted a sun flowers and they needed to removed, they were not on the list of flowers that they had approved. I fought that and won.

Got a notice from HOA for having one loose plank on our treehouse that the back is exposed= but haven''t gotten one for our brightly colored door, that we painted when we first moved in, we didn''t know we needed approval, and they haven''t said anything about it.

HMO we had one of those townhouse style homes with basically no driveway in front of the garage which was entry thru the back. The front road was parked on by all of us on the street. They didn''t like our boat parked up front with the cars and told us several times. We had no room in the garage for a vehicle because it was so tiny the boat would fit if we parked it diagonal. One 4th of July we took the boat out and someone had loosed all the lug nuts on the boat wheels AND the ball on the truck ??? So wheel came off on 201 and broke the boat axel. No 4th that year.

HOA sent us a bill from something they did before my house was even built. They said they split the cost according to how many homes would be there. My husband kindly sent them a bill for the work he did for them for FREE a month before this with his back hoe. He charged regular rate at $100 an hour. They dropped the bill they sent us after that.

We had to tear down a $5,000 fence. Our neighbor was in the HOA they approved it then he complained and said we couldn''t have a privacy fence so we ended up tearing it down. We were 22 years old and got the run around by grumpy 40 year olds!

live in Pleasant Grove and I don''t have a horror story but my HOA is over $200 a month. With COVID-19 it''s unfortunate that the Price doesn''t go down considering all of the access to the pool and clubhouse is closed.

our HOA in AZ sent us letters threatening us with fines if we didn't get our next door neighbor to pick their weeds.

41 weeks pregnant on maternity leave we had top soil delivered in the morning. And 1 hr later had a notice from HOA it needed to be removed or would be fined. Guess who had to move it?!

kept on forgetting to pay my HOA and I almost lost my house. I ended up paying extra fees because I had to pay it thru a Law office. The worst thing is that they don''t do much for our neighborhood

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