TEXT TOPIC: What is your weird phobia or fear?

have a fear of Belly Buttons! Makes me CRINGE thinking about them!

have a phobia of mechanical rooms. I can barely handle walking in stairways with fire suppression systems.

I am scared of overly large things! Things that should not be huge!!!! Example tires that are the size that of a house!!!

major fear of balloons

my phobia is people behind me. I can't sit at a restaurant with people behind me I always have to sit against the wall

the phobia from the iPhone, that's the one I have! Little holes, especially when there are a bunch together, I just can't! It seriously creeps me out!! 

I have a fear of open cupboards. I don't know why or where it comes from. A cupboard has to be closed as soon as I'm done using it or I'll panic.

my husband has a fear of cotton. He will fight if someone comes at him with a handful of cotton.

My sister's biggest fear in life is peacocks. Not all birds. Just peacocks. Even just the feathers freak her out

fear of escalators

fear of pool covers

My husband has an extreme fear of hammocks. He gets nervous and anxious if there is one in the yard or on a camping trip. I guess he had a bad experience as a kid. He won''t let our little girls near them.

I have Tripophobia. I didn''t know it was a real phobia until Kendall Jenner talked about having it. It literally make me vomit if I see any cluster of holes. It''s gotten so bad by making me vomit that I''m in therapy to cope with it

I am terrified of fur that is not on the animal. For example fur hoods on coats. I am so terrified that I was running away from my sister that was chasing me with some fur that I tripped and fell and broke my tailbone.

my niece has a fear of mascots. She keeps her eye on them at all times so they don''t get close to her 

sand , yup that's right sand!!!

Cant even handle looking at a spatula with the holes like to strain the liquid uuughhhh

afraid of kites

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