TEXT TOPIC: Is your kid mad at you for posting on social media?

Took a picture of all the kids before going to the lake this summer and my y/o niece asked to see the pic. She said OH MY gosh you BETTER NOT post that!

got a little to drunk for my 30th birthday and passed out in the bathroom over the tub and mom took pic and posted it with #Dirty30lolCantHangWithMom

my son (12) is a STAR football player on his team!! He’s the RB, CB, MLB and punter! I’m his biggest fan!! Crazy mom running up and down the sidelines screaming for every play. Anyhow I make highlight videos after his game and post them because I’m so proud of him. He says it dumb and I''m embarrassing him

my 8 yr Old got mad at me for posting her baptism pictures because she wanted everybody to be surprised by her beautiful dress!

we are adult children but my mom is always tagging me in embarrassing articles in Facebook, like "home remedies for Constipation" thanks mom all my friends need to know !!

I did an Instagram post for my oldest sons 16th birthday. I put a lot of heart and thought into it. He hated some of the pictures so bad he hacked into my account and deleted it. I was honestly hurt. I thought o was doing something to celebrate him and show him how much I loved him! Teenagers

when I was in high school my mom would get on to my Facebook and post ads for makeup and she thought it was HILARIOUS, being a 16 year old boy it was totally embarrassing and made me so angry

In high school my mom would log into my twitter from her IPad and tweet to the world what my curfew was. And always sign - from your mother

My mom posted a photo on FB if my son on our houseboat in lake Powell. There I am in the background showering (swimsuit on) scrubbing my ass with a loufa. Wtf mom!

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