TEXT TOPIC: Who are you thankful for, its Thankful Thursday!

I'm so thankful for my mom and mother-in-law. They are both amazing and watch my girls so they don't have to go to daycare.

I wanna thank my husband for being my rock and helping me thru my hard days. And my girls for being so strong and understanding after baby sister being

my babygirl turns 10 this Saturday. Someone in our neighborhood told another girl she can''t play bc she doesn''t go to church and my girl accepted herwith open arms. So proud of her

thankful for the doctors that helped me walk again after a broken back from a drunk driver. 12 years finally fully walking.

Thanks to my bf who always remembers to out the toilet seat down!

Thankful for my daughter and wife for being patient and understanding while I work 80 hrs a week

Thankful for my dad (it's his 54th bday) for teaching me math is used after high school & to spend $$ on good shoes.

I want to thank the universe or God or whoever is up there for giving me the opportunity to meet Carrie Underwood on Sat!!! I'm so excited!

Hi friends! I need some good vibes! I won a trip to iheart and I invited my grandma. I wanted to show her around Vegas and try too keep up with her.Lol She had to go into the hospital Sunday night. She is back home but is still sick so I''m crossing my fingers she gets better!

I wanna say thank you to my wonderful husband david. he has taken my son in as his own. accepted me for who I am. we just celebreated 1 year I love you

Thankful. My parents drove from Ogden to AF to fix my sump pump. My basement has flooded 6 times. No more flooding!

I want to thank my 10 year old son for being a good human. Last night at the State Fair 2 gentleman were holding hands in front of us. My husband asked him what he thought and he said "why would I say anything. That is their choice and they get to love who they want to love". Most proud momma moment!! That is a good kid right there!

Thankful for my fianc. Tomorrow on Friday the 13th we become husband and wife. He is the best thing that has ever happened to me! We met on a Fridaythe 13th and it''s been the luckiest day of my life! Love you spencer!

Thank you to my husband Shelby providing for me and our 2 kids after my horrible car accident. You are my hero.

I want to say thanks to Britney Spears for reminding us that we all have struggles and can bounce back

I'm thankful for my intellectually disabled son who has taught me patience & the value of true love. He is my soul mate & I wouldn't trade him for anything!

Thankful our great preschool teacher! My twin boys started lastweek and 1 is having a very hard time everytime I drop them off. She is so patient and loving with him. It helps when you know the teachers live your kids like their own ''d

Our 19yo son committed suicide on Jan 1. I wanted to thank all our family and friends and especially the strangers in the Greyhawk Ward who have helped us more than we could imagine!

Thankful to my husband who doesn''t help with anything I have learned how to fix my own car and am very self sufficient

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