TEXT TOPIC: Did you get a second chance at life?

I got diagnosed with Herpes from an ex boyfriend and it has haunted me for the last 12 years. But I have never had symptoms except once at the beginning, recently I got a blood test for herpes and it showed negative. I don''t know how that is possible but I feel so relief.

when I was 8, my sister and I snuck out one day to play in a big fast canal. I slipped and fell in. My 10 year old sister moved fast and pulled meout by my overalls. I would have drowned for sure without her

A grenade went off about 5 feet away from me in Iraq when I was standing up with no cover. After it went off I spent the next two weeks rechecking myself and my flack jacket for shrapnel. Still don''t know how I wasn''t hit by a single piece.

Had a pulmonary embolism at 24 years old. Doctor said I was lucky to be alive. I truly believe I got a second chance and am making the most of it.

I tried to kill myself when I was 18 put the shot gun in my mouth pulled trigger gun never fired found out the firing pin froze now I'm a father of 2 kids

I had an issue where everyone thought I was having growing pains at 8 cuz I would have constant pain in my legs and went to many doctors and hospitals till one day I fell off the bus steps which is a tall fall ended up having geombre syndrom and had to learn how to walk again because of a flu shot andit turned against my body and was attacking my nerves and works my way to my lungs and would have stopped my breathing if it would have gotten to that

my dad has a 90 percent blockage in his arteries and got a stent put in immediately and just shoveling the driveway would have killed him

I had leukemia when I was a kid everyone else in the Ronald McDonald house I lived in died except for me on the floor that I was in. It was terminal

My husband got in a bad wreck an had a broken neck in 2 places, broken back, 7 broken ribs, a punctured lung an bleeding on the brain. The drs said he''s lucky he''s not dead or paralyzed.

the blood clots to my lungs resulted in a pulmonary embolism

Not much gang! Love you guys. Thankful for all you do. Sometime I need to call for thankful Thursday and express my love and gratitude for you all

my hubby calls me his second chance at love! He divorced and says that he is more appreciative of me because of it.

my second chance was with my first chance I had a stroke in my mothers womb. Clearly I survived or I am a ghost that can text. Btw its yo boy Reg

I was in an abusive relationship, there was a few times where he drove me up the mountain and he could have easily killed me. The last straw was whenhe raped me and put me in the hospital. I feel like I got a second chance because a lot of girls don''t get out of those situations

clots in my legs and they broke apart and went up in my lungs. My doctors are surprised I'm still alive

this February I gave my narcissistic husband and our 7 year marriage a second chance. Now he''s in therapy, providing everything for my kids and me soI can go to school full time. We''ve never been happier and as a child of divorce I''m so glad I gave my family a fighting chance to be together

i was so sick at the beginning of summer I was hospitalized for two months. I had pneumonia a uti a yeast infection and to top it off I had blood....

Donated blood for extra credit in my gym class. Had high blood pressure went to Dr and was in hospital 2 weeks later having open heart surgery frombirth defect found. That nurse saved my life.

I was on Bangerter right at rush hour traffic in the morning. I was in a compact car and the guy was in SUV. The paramedics said that I''m lucky to bealive and I was pregnant with my son. So I''m lucky to be alive and have that second chance to be hear. There is a reason why me and my son are here today.

2ND CHANCE So I lost my daughter in a custody battle. As a mom that was really in a heartbreaking for me. And this year my son just turned 4 years old and I get to be in all mom to him now. I do miss my daughter everyday but since I don''t get to see her I''m glad I get to be with him.

My dad got a second chance at life. a few years ago he had a stroke on Christmas Eve and they discovered he had a rare brain condition and had to have major brain surgery. We found out he could have died during the surgery! So blessed to still have him here

I would like to wish my daughter Ellie a happy 8th birthday!

Got mixed up with the wrong crowd, ended up addicted to drugs. I overdosed and the paramedics used narcan to bring me back. Scariest thing that''s ever happened, but it was the wake up call I needed! Second chance at life and I''m going on 2 years clean

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