TEXT TOPIC: When did a stranger do something nice for you?

xmas dad lost his job. Someone dropped off a box for the family had presents in it. 1 4 each kid 1 4 family and a whole Christmas dinner

my husband was grocery shopping and we were short on funds. When he was checking out he ended up going over budget so he started taking things back. The guy behind him offered to pay for our groceries. We needed that so much!

I was having a bad day at work. And a customer I guess noticed because when she was leaving the store she ended up buying me flowers and that just made my whole day.

I took my daughter in for surgery and couldn’t afford the bill so I was setting up payment plans. A complete stranger walked up and took care of the entire bill. Over $1100!

had a random stranger pay $65 for my groceries when my card was declined due to my bad budget skills. Could not thank him enough as it was for my kids lunches. Such a nice guy. And FYI Jess, he had Beard!!! :P

A woman cut me off when going to Starbucks. Then she paid for my coffee and had the barista to tell me sorry for cutting me off.

I was in line at the checkout stand at target. The ladies in front of me asked the cashier if he had ever tried a particular type of gum. He hadn’t,

but I piped up that I always eyeball that gum wherever im in line. They ended up buying it for me! Made my day!

got in a car crash when I was 18 (I hit black ice going down a hill & hit a fence.) A guy stopped to help me and offered his cell phone to call someone. He stayed with me an hour until my brother came. During that time a car slid into his truck :( I felt bad but I was so grateful he helped me calm down when I was so upset.

I was in a really bad place. No job, no money for gas, or a bus ride to get to my interview, I had no food in the house at all. Was about to be evicted. And way too proud to ask for help or tell anyone. I was out for a walk contemplating my situation. Came home to a $100 Smith''s gift card taped to my door. Changed my life and I have no idea who left it.

A couple of months ago I went to a restaurant to eat, and another couple dining there paid for my meal. The next time I went there to eat I paid it forward and paid for a couple''s meal

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