TEXT TOPIC: Did you have money deposited into your account by accident?

about 15 years ago I had a little over $30,000 deposited into my account and I didn’t have that much ever. I definitely figured it was a mistake so I called my mom and told her and the bank somehow have merged my accounts with hers and my brothers into mine so she called them to get it sorted back out

I had about $4,000 show up in my account. Called the bank and they said it was from a payday loan company under my husband’s name. After a week of investigation they found out it was for someone else with the same name as my husband. Poor guy didn’t have his payday loan for a week!

my check was deposited to someone negative account after verify the number 3 times and that person didn't come forward took me 7days to figure it out

Last year we had $5000 put into our checking account. It was right in the middle of Christmas time. We seriously thought about spending it for like 3days and letting the bank take the fall because they are the ones that messed up, but ultimately we ended up contacting the bank and they fixed the air. You have no idea how bad we want to spend that money! Lol

logged in and there was 2500$. I called the bank and they said it wasn’t a transfer for someone had to have deposited it. Left it in savings for months and nothing so I used it. Still nothing to this day.

clerk entered a few too many zeros on my deposit. Millionaire for but a moment. Miss those minutes

My dad had 15,000 deposited into his account.. he called and asked if he had a wealthy relative that deposited it.. no.. he didn’t spend a dime.. 5 days later they found out it was the Tesla beside him they deposited his amount into his account

$16,000 was deposited into my account, I thought it was from my dad and spent the morning car shopping even went for a test drive. Then I talked to my dad, and he said it wasn’t from him! I went into the credit union and told them about the situation and all they said was thank you.

I was on vacation and I checked my account balance and there was a 2nd account with $5000 in it attached to my account. I called the bank and they said it was mine. I knew it wasn''t and they said I had to go into a branch and talk to a manager. I had to show my ID. Someone with the same name and spelling opened an account and the bank attached it to me.

2000 showed up in my account. Called the bank. They had deposited it in my account on accident. They figured out the right account. Accidentally transferred 2000 MORE out of the other account into mine. Called again and they sorted it out.

WORK: instead of them depositing just my paycheck they deposited everybody''s paycheck into my account we’re talking thousands and thousands of dollars. Of course I went straight to my managers and they got it taken care of man my account looked good 

had 350 deposit in my account few years ago and I was like sweet I need to use for a bill. I went in and talked to branch manager and she was like oh man newby made mistake she''s going to learn how to fix it. Needless to say I was still broke

guy I know had $700 put into his acct by the bank. He spent the $ it took 6 months they sent him letter saying they are withdrawing it by a certain date

bank gave me an extra $100 on accident when I was 12, mom made me return it. I was pissed. It was a good lesson

a few years ago my boyfriend at the time had $100,000 deposited into his bank account. I was so freaking excited LOL thinking that some rich amazing family wanted to help out some random account number. I literally had dreams about what we were going to do with that money the next day it was gone I actually think immediately it was frozen but man that was a cool 24 hours thinking that we have money in the bank

I once had $100 deposited randomly into my account. After calling the bank and trying to make it right, after 6 months I spent it

this happened to my son 3 times. He was receiving direct deposit. We contacted the bank. It took them some time to research and finally figured out that the payroll company had the other person account number off by 1 number

5k showed up in a savings account we don''t look at often. It had been sitting there for a month before we noticed! We notified the bank and after a week if them investigating turns out an insurance company accidentally deposited someone else''s insurance claim into our account

i used to work for a credit union and during training they told us they had the right to just take the money back from the account regardless of how many years had gone by. The way they see it, it''s their money and they can take it.

had 500,000 deposited into my bank account did say anything just waited I put it into my savings and just had it build interest. Till this day haven''t touched it

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