TEXT TOPIC: Know someone who is tries to get things for free or money off?

my little bro and his wife, always want a discount, don’t leave tips, embarrassing trying to cover their tip.

my mom will haggle the price with the cashier at deseret industries

my brother in law does this every time we go out to eat, at steak houses. Eats most of it then asks for a manger because it wasn’t cooked correctly. You know a steak isn’t cooked correct when its cut into!

it’s my mother in law. After our wedding she took all of our leftovers and didn’t even ask cause it was free. I have also gone to family dollar with her and freaking out about coupons.

we have a family friend of ours who is unbelievable. It is so bad that he will ask for discounts or say he has coupons for free things when there is no such thing as coupons for that particular place.

MY MOM!!! She gets mad when we go out to eat if I forget to use the coupon she gave me. She has a room full of crap that she got a good deal on.

I dont haggle at the DI, I just find a different sticker with the price I want to pay 

have a friend who will only buy things that are on sale or a deal. For example, he will only buy pop tarts if it''s buy one get one. At one point his car was full of pop tarts and root beer because they were a deal. He doesn''t like pop tarts or root beer

on the latest episode of Flip It With Disick, Scott did this because he refused to pay the retail price.

the in-laws! They ask where we want to for bday dinner. Then take us where they have coupon?!!

I take tickets for my high school. We always have people who don''t want to pay to get into sporting events or think their kids should get in free. Come on guys I''m the ticket taker give me a break

My bro would go to fazolli’s and keep asking for free breadsticks. He would never order a meal.

I have a friend that almost every time we go out to eat she eats most of her food and drinks most of her drink. Tells the waiter it''s awful and tells then not to charge he rand she orders again.

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