TEXT TOPIC: Happy PA Tuesday! What is your Passive Aggressive text?

People when you are crossing the street put some pep in you step you are crossing the street not strolling through the park.

Don't ask me at the end of the shift what still needs to be done. Quit acting like everyday is your first day on the unit. Either work, or quit!

if you are driving slow and see kids waiting for the bus, turn down your super explicit rap music or roll up your windows. They don''t need to hear about effing b''s and effing hoes at 8am, or, EVER!!

Hey hubs, I think it''s admirable that you are always willing to drop what you''re doing and help other people ... BUUUT I''ve been asking you to mow our lawn for 2 weeks and it''s still not done. #misplacedpriorities

this isn't a grief contest- everyone's pain matters not just yours

Listen, David at the groc store. I'm already freaked out, I don't need your comments about my pregnancy test purchase. Mmkay sweetie?

To my brother-in-law, your son is 15 years old, your not hurting for money, let him get more than a kids meal!

if you can't go the zoom zoom speed get the hell out of the zoom zoom lane

it''s pretty messed up that you are home sitting on your butt all day and I have to put our child in daycare while I work. So glad we aren''t together anymore!

To my 63 year old coworker: stop blabbing my age to everyone at work. I know I''m young. But that doesn''t mean you have to keep saying I''m "smart for my age."

OMG. Lady, you can't back up in a round about because you missed your turn. Go Around you Dingus!

Hey people at the gym, if you aren''t sure if someone is using equipment, just ask instead of moving your crap and taking over thinking no one else is there. You aren''t the only one working out!

Your wedding is not my vacation! It shouldn't be a several day event.

I'm 100% sure u r my soul mate so grow up, get a job, a car and your own place to live and be a man. I cant be with you until you do.

hey husband you can't ask for a divorce and then get mad at me when I give you one. You asked for it, not me!

Just because I'm pregnant doesn't give you the right to touch my stomach.

Give your screaming kids something to do when you bring them to the chiropractor. The rest of us are trying to relax

please chew with your mouth closed it is driving me nuts especially when you sit by me in staff meeting

hey lady your purse does not need its own chair at the burger joint last week. The place was packed. You refused to let my husband use the chair and my kids were sitting 2 butts to a seat. So rude I hope you choked

hey boss How about instead of demoting me and making me the scapegoat, you should learn how to be a better leader. I''ve been craving development for 2 years and you suck at it

to my family who thinks they have to tell me how huge I am and how I''m going to pop every time they see me, I am 25 weeks pregnant and five-foot nothing tall! the only place for this baby to grow is out, so please stop being rude.

Don't loose your temper and yell at our customers and claim you excellent customer service.

To my husband''s ex that just won''t shut the hell up and keep hiding behind texts talking crap ..meet me in the mall parking lot at 1 .. fight me lol!!!

Yep. I married your ex. It's time to MOVE ON with your life. Refusing to acknowledge my presence makes YOU look crazy. Not me.

I'm in College and my math teacher can't answer basic math questions, stuff you should know as the teacher. "why are you teaching this class!?"

Dear MIL- Your house stinks. It's your dog's fault. Yeah I went there

when lights and sirens are on, don''t just stop in the middle of the toad. Pull over to the right side. So dumb driving a fire engine trying to maneuver around all the stupid cars

I get you don't like my husband, not all of ours can be perfect like yours, maybe get over it cause I love him and you're not married to him

My anxiety IS real! It's not an excuse. It hurts that you feel it's an excuse. You don't see or feel my pain because of it.

hey guy, yelling at me because I dont have a job for your friend from Peru isn''t going to help him for yourself get a job! Learn some manners and how to interact with others

to the lady who is "sorry not sorry" for being the other woman. You are not fulfilling a need. You are feeding an addiction or mental illness. You will never be anything more than second choice at best with that attitude.

Dear Coworker, the office supplies are for everyone. Hoarding binders, pens and cleaning supplies in your office is just douchie and ridiculous. Glad you got called out.

Thanks for not helping me out when I was sick but coming home on time then asking To borrow my car because you chose to leave your car somewhere else other than at home

to the woman at work, just because I'm the youngest here doesn't mean I need mothering, I am an adult and can care for myself

hey wanna to be a baseball mom your kid is not the best one on the baseball team so stop pumping his head full of lies

to my co-worker, it's been seven months since we spoke. Things you said hurt, but your informing me hurts more. Let's get over this.

DAMMIT!! I thought we were friends! You don't have to be an ASS and talk behind my back BITCHES!!!

hey driver in the green Scion xD, quit doing your makeup and DRIVE! Sincerely, the red Hyundai behind you.

driving in the rain? Turn your headlights on!

Poor planning on YOUR part doesn't constitute an emergency on MINE! Get your ego out of it!

Stop being wishy washy. You want me. Then be with me. You don't then stop tugging on my heart strings. After a year of dating, you still don't know about

To my mother in-law stop blaming me for your son being grumpy or being spoiled. You raised him it's your fault not mine. Plus he does not like you

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