TEXT TOPIC: Is your significant other too affectionate?

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It's my husband. But thinking about him being gone, I know I would miss it. Thanks for mentioning it, makes me more aware of how much I would miss it.

it comes down to how we show and receive love. Just have to have open communication

Ex bf threatened suicide if I hung out with my BFF more than him. He changed schools and would stalk me. Had to get his mom to stop him.

my husband is SO affectionate and I can’t. I’m very independent and don’t NEED to have him around or touching me or doing things with me all the time like he does

Hubby does the majority of the housework because of my past and health issues but I feel guilty about it even when I have worked all day.

I enjoy kissing, but my wife LOVES kissing. My jaw always end up tired but I never say anything.

I had a boyfriend who told me that I was his everything. He thought about me every second of every day and I was his everything. We didn't last Too much.

Hubby needs to touch me constantly. I feel hot and suffocated. I just want him to relax and love me from more than 2 inches away.

okay are you serious I don't ever get affection or gifts my husband never cleans you women should all be grateful for what you have

I train and groom dogs so when I get home from work I want to shower and rest. Hubby wants to cuddle and sit together on the couch. I just need a break

Hubby always wants to be cuddling and touching even when I am hot, or dirty from work. Arg

I had a BF who was over the top squishy. I hated it!! He would stare at me, long blink & get teary eyed because he "loved me so much." Tooooo much!!!! >.

My ex fiancé was always making me breakfast before work, cleaned the house, said he would get me anything I wanted, always wanted to be with me, turned out to be a distraction for his lies and manipulation

Heck I want to swap my husband for that affectionate one. What a Biatch

my hubby will call every break and lunch. I hate it. I have to call when I get off too. If I don't he gets mad. Also gets mad when I have nothing to say.

I broke up with a guy because he was very loving, very soft personality, great guy but I knew I would bulldoze this guy around and not notice if it got serious and that wouldn’t''t be fair to him

my husband drives me nuts with his affection! His love language is gifts and he buys me crap all the time and it is so annoying! I feel bad but half the time I sneak it out of the house and return it. He buys me vacations when we don''t have any money. Stop it dude!

my dad is the one that was the stage manager for all those shows at the fair for years and years until they move to the new arena. The stories I could tell about the singers that came through

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