TEXT TOPIC: What are you worrying about right now?

Worrying about car problems with no extra money to fix

I'm worried I may get claustrophobic on the plane to a cruise in Cabo in Oct. Then get it in our ship cabin. Double whammy!! God help me!

Stressing about my relationship. Not sure that even my best efforts are enough to keep him happy, and be blindsided w/breakup like last time

I''m worrying because my house isn''t selling. I''m getting divorced and me and my ex live in the house and I just want to move and move on it''s frustrating. Been 90ish days in this market =

I'm about to have my first baby at 26. I've only known the girl for 7 months, and we are planning to elope in Vegas next month.

my wife just got admitted to massage therapy school and we just found out FAFSA is only covering half of her tuition. Now we have to come up with $6500 in 4 days.

spend all day and night worrying about my foster daughters returning to an unsafe home. It's completely out of my control

Credit card debt. Thinking about switching jobs

Worrying about trying to get pregnant. Been unsuccessful. Deciding when to see fertility specialist

I'm worried about submitting my time sheet for this week, due today.

I'm worrying about how I can make more money and not failing in my business that I own so we can get a house in October

my kids over the top OUTDOOR party. Stressed that the weather isn't going to clear up as I'm heading to get the water park bounce house.

I worry for my Ex who left me for my other ex I still love her and worry for her safety every minute of the day.

my daughter''s dad and I aren''t together anymore and I CONSTANTLY worry about him being a good dad. He''s been in and out of her life for her entire life and it''s an overwhelming worry for me

I almost exclusively worry about things I can not control, I''m a fixer, I feel like I need to fix everything for those I care about, and right now a good friend is being accused of a horrific crime that he did not do and I am so stressed because there is NOTHING I CAN DO TO HELP HIM!

I am worried about my wife's health. She is dealing with one issue after another.

applying to graduate school for the second time and honestly I am terrified!

worried that my husband is using drugs again

I am currently 36 weeks pregnant and they are worried of preterm labor. On bed rest. So worried about him coming early and not completely ready to leave work. I know I can''t control it but dang it I try lol

my HS senior succeeding and getting her work done. Especially in her college classes. I can''t do it for her and I worry she''s not doing as good as she can be.

my ex has convinced my kids I stole them when I left him 7 yrs ago based on his addictions & now they are over 11 and gets them to run away with him

Keeping up my boss. He goes a million miles a minute and his thought process is all over the board. Love my job but worried I have missed something

running out of gas. I'm on E and have to get the kids after school

my worry is my boyfriend who is on a hunt in Nevada. Where he is at, is a very hard terrain and he''s by himself. He''s a great Hunter and very smart but being alone scares the crap out of me.

worried about becoming a police officer. The interview process is brutal and not looking forward to the polygraph nor psychological tests

worry about keeping a healthy pregnancy. I lost my last baby and it was devastating. I''m so freaked out this pregnancy and hope I make it to the end with no complications

I have the WORST anxiety and struggle every day. I'm also a new mom so I literally worry about everything with my baby.

anytime something bad happens in the news & children are involved I stress about that happening to mine

I'm worried my husband is going to leave me. I'm the bread winner and a full time mom but he thinks I don't do enough

I''m worrying about having an empty nest. My last two children will be leaving in the next year and I''m scared of the loneliness and lack of purpose I''m already feeling!

I am worried about the upcoming high school wrestling season for my son. He stayed at his school for a different sport which he loves, but he also loves wrestling and I am nervous if he decides to wrestle because the coaches are extremely toxic and not good for the wrestlers.

That my son will start using again

The thing I'm worried about is since my relationship ended I'm worried that I'll if I'll ever find a relationship again

when my company is canning us all since we merged with another company

I''m embarassed to say this, but I''m worried sick about get shot. I avoid festivals, I haven''t wanted to try to win the I heart prize because im so petrified of a shooting happening. Its all I think about everyday.. I hate it.

I'm a survivor of child sexual abuse anxiety makes me be overprotective of them and I worry Non-Stop

I'm a Single, sole surviving parent and I worry all the time about dying & leaving my daughter as an orphan.

I'm worried I'm not enough for my husband and that I'm not good enough for my job.

I found nodules on my thyroid might be cancer and I'm 33 and single mom

worried about being jobless! Working for an unstable company

worried about not getting a job. Quit my job out if anger. No job lined up first. Bills are still.coming

Work so many hrs a week it's super stressful job. Prego with my 3rd and doing my masters just a lot on my plate

recently got out of a long relationship. 32, stressed I''ll be alone forever.

my daughter has type one diabetes. She was just diagnosed going up and down with her numbers and I'm terrified of her going into DKA again.

What happens when we die. I have a child that is probably going to pass before me

earthquakes and kids being safe at school biggest worries

worried about breast biopsy results today @ the hospital

cancer recurrance. 34 yr. Old mom of 4 non smoker diagnosed with lung cancer almost 2 years ago. Any new cough of pain causes debilitating anxiety.I just want the fear to go away so I can live life to the fullest.

I'm worried about my sister and her husband drinking underage. They have a 1 year old, who is my world.

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