TEXT TOPIC: Thankful Thursday! Is there a celeb you want to thank?

thx 2 TSwift 4 reaching out 2 my friend after a horrible car accident & she even had Ellen each out 2 her. TS invited 2 meet my friend @ GMA. ILUVTS!

I want to thank tech n9ne. I was at his concert a few years ago and there was a creepy guy I couldn''t get a hold of someone to pick me up so he let me go back to the hotel room tell someone was able to get me.

want to thank Elton John last night I worked the concert and unlike any of the other artists he came around said hello and thank you.

thank you to my local celebrities, Frankie and Jess for making my mornings every morning

grew up knowing Donny Osmond through my church and he is the most incredible man. He changed my life and has always been such an example. Love Donny so much!

Will Smith and his daughter Willow came into the store I own in Park City and was THE NICEST talkative and approachable human. Love his whole family, he sent Jada in later that day to say hi and shop and remembered my name. Thanks Smith family!

I met tony hawk 15 years ago and he was way nice then ! Still have the picture!

the full band of Imagine Dragons. Back in 2013 they did a concert at primary children’s. My daughter had heart surgery and she will remembers them giving her a blanket.

A couple years ago when Kiefer Sutherland was in town with his band I bumped into him downtown and asked for a picture. he was super nice. Little did he know that that morning I found out I had miscarried and his kindness meant the world to me

used to do public relations and had to deal with a lot of self appointed important celebrities. I''m a huge baseball fan and we did an event and Dale Murphy showed up so I had to be professional and not a star stuck little girl. At the end when he came to say thank you for inviting me blah blah blah I asked if he would sign his rookie card that I had secretly hidden in my Franklin day planner and he signed my card and took a picture with me! I was like a little kid. He was the coolest person and so humble!

Was seven months pregnant at comic con and the actor from arrow Steven Amell moved me to the front of his line to get pictures because I was really sick and was going to have to leave and miss my picture time spent a good amount of time talking to me about my baby it was awesome

I wanna say thank you to the Backstreet Boys for being awesome to their fans and kids in the hospital.

want to thank Donny Osmond 20 years ago when I met him my 16 y.o. heart couldn't handle the crush and he was sweet.

Luke Bryan! Got a wristband for his backstage after party and complete bad ass. Came down and even danced with us, also his guys offered us to go watch football with them at a bar the next day. Too hungover. Damn it!

Anthony Anderson, went to a celebrity basketball tournament and he was signing autographs. I didn''t have anything for him to sign so he took off his shoe signed it and gave it to me.

want to thank Julianne Hough she sat by me on a plane to Vegas and was sweet and talked to me the whole time

Want to thank local Celebrity @themanspot for taking the time to talk to my nephew and help him through a dark place and help him graduate High school.

Thanks to Luke Muholland who plays for RSL. My son loves soccer and got the chance to meet Luke at a park. He was surrounded by other kids but my child is shy and wouldnt talk in front of the other children. Luke came and found him and spoke to him one on one. It made my childs day. Thank you!!!!

did a Killers tree for the Festival of Trees last year. I reached out to Tana (Brandon Flowers wife) on ig. She met up with us and had Brandon sign three of his VIP access passes from past tours. They also donated a pair of Ronnie''s drumsticks.

have 4 local celebrities I want to thank is you guys. You made mine and my kids is day when you let us come in and hang out with you on a Friday. We love you guys

just wanted to say thanks to Alex Boye & his wife Julie for being some of the kindest, most down to earth, & funniest people ever.

want to thank thurl Bailey for supporting my aunt and sending her encouraging texts through her battle with breast cancer. He is amazing and has always been a wonderful support

Jason Mamoa. His people were so rude when we met him for a photo op. Telling us dont talk dont touch keep moving. Jason stopped myself and my daughter and gave us a hug and told us thanks for coming to meet him. And yes. Hes hotter in person

Derrek Favors trained at the same gym as me when i was younger. So nice, so encouraging, took time from his workout to talk to us

My sis use to work for a private airline charter. I happened to be at LAX when the Lakers arrived to her work. She let me watch the team walk in. It was after midnight & my niece, nephew, & 2yo daughter were eating snacks. We saw Pau Gasol & other players. Kobe Bryant stopped to say hello to the kids& he let me take a pic of him w/ my son. Love him!

met Kevin Costner at Lake Powell. He sat and talked to me for about 5 minutes, cool guy. Kind of a wimp though. He stepped on a fish bone and fell to the ground whining about his toe haha. I laughed at him and he said well it hurt chuckling

just want to thank you guys, you have always been nice to your listeners. Your crew is awesome, best celebrities EVER!

Big thank you to Donovan Mitchell! Met him in the Apple store and was just a genuine nice guy

ran into Jamie fox at a gas station. He was so nice and took time to take pics with my grankids.

hubby just got to meet Dodgers outfielder Alex Verdugo who is rehabing in Ogden for the week. Said he's super cool and even signed a baseball for him.

Met Jeremy Renner and he was super nice. Acted like it was a privilege to meet me

met Ryan ships and the rubber band and got to eat dinner with them. Super sweet and funny!

ate dinner with Peter Brinholt he is funny about the way he eats but is the nicest guy.

Thanks to Lorde who was behind me in a line at Disneyland. Really normal and talked with us the entire time. Especially was nice to the kids(even if they didn''t know who she was. Lol

A few years ago while I was on my second deployment ingot to meet Matthew Lillard. He came as part of a USO tour. When everyone else left he stayed and

want to say thank you to Jonathan Bennett a.k.a. Aaron Samuels from mean girls. I ran into him last October at the blaze pizzaat station park and he was the nicest guy ever. He dealt with me fan Girling over him and even offered to take multiple selfie''s with me. I was in love and my husband was not happy

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