TEXT TOPIC: Do you listen to music that isn't your personality?

33 years old and love listening to 50s and 60s oldies music. grew up installing flooring with my dad, and that's all we listened to

im 31&i LOVE 50s, early 60s music, doo wop is the genre,temptations are my fave!

Our Transplant surgeon LOVES Post Malone. He has him playing in his O.R. all night during long Liver transplants. We need to get them to meet! They’re so opposite!

I''m a big metal head. Example: I love Tool, Anthrax, Metallica I''m Rob Zombie''s self proclaimed #1 fan. My secret genre is opera. No one knows. Whenever I''m by myself I''m listening to it and jealous of those beautiful voices.

I'm a guy and I'm typically into rock modern alternative music oh, but I love easy listening like Enya and Yanni

I've been told I look like a goody goody so it confuses people when I listen to Scandinavian screamo metal!

I'm a girlie girl who listens to The Spice Girls, Britney Spears etc. But I absolutely love slipknot and seeing them in concert. They're incredible

I teach second grade, was a ballet major and bake as a side job, I love groups like blink 182 and any good rap, 2pac etc.

I'm a petite girl with a corporate job and I grew up on Metallica so I love hard rock

mama of 2, 26, I work in a corporate setting... absolutely LOVE me some good screamo/heavy metal music.

I'm 62 years old and I like most of Eminem's music.

my 75 year old grandma listens and LOVES Disturbed... =D=D haha

I am a typical 43 yr old white male that listens to Latin dance and rap music

I'm Asian and do love country music!!

my husband Scott is a burly mechanic and Hes a huge Celtic women and musical fan

I''m a short girl raised in the country, and while I do like old country (and almost all music), I have no problem riding down the road blasting Rob Zombie.

i''m a 36-year-old mother of two teenage girls and I listen to punk rock. My male co workers always look shocked when they find out

so I guess I''m "manly" tattoos, muscles, beard, my wife & kids tell me people think I look mean, (I''m not). I Love Celine Dion!

I am a mother to five young kids, I drive a minivan and teach ballet.... I listen to Eminem everyday!

I''m a quiet LDS mom of three kids. But when I''m running at the gym or outside, I''m blaring intense rap, screaming music with the F word every otherword. Music that would make my mom blush. And I love it.

Black chick, love classical music.. Can't stand rap n hip hop

I am a 42-year-old concrete worker and I love dancing Queen by Abba

i'm a teacher, usually wear cardigans and dresses and I love hip hop and rap. I know every word to moneymaker by ludacris

I'm a buttoned up, dresses everyday manager and love me some nitty gritty rap 

I am a high school math teacher and I'm obsessed with 90s rap!!!!

I'm a 40 year old church going mom and I LOVE AC/DC. I start every morning off with Back in Black.

Total nerd. Play the violin, never been into playing sports or working out, but love me some Eminem, kid rock, nwa, 2pac, snoop, ice cube and tea. Also AC/DC, Metallica

my husband is an old school gangsta 270 lb Samoan all tatted up. He loves old country western like Willie Nelson etc. He blows ppl away at karaoke.

i drive around my giant Toyota tundra blasting death metal with a cigarette in hand just to get out of my truck to go to coffee in a cute pink lace dress.

I am a 6'3" 230 pound Polynesian construction worker and I LOVE me some folk and bluegrass music. Always get weird looks at concerts.

guy at our construction company - classic painter/laborer, great guy & surprisingly loves Broadway: we always talk wicked, Hamilton, etc. together

im mexican and like country music especially Reba

my brother is a cop, but he LOVES NWA. Ice T, anyone that's old school rap.

I''m 46yr mom of two love hard rock just went to Papa roach concert love rap

small town in ID, a guy that looked in his 70's pulled up on his Harley trike blaring Justin Bieber.

I am big tattooed man with a huge beard. I love to rock ace of base!!

quiet LDS mother and wife but I have an addiction to Linkin Park and EDM

my husband is 6'3, black, muscular, and former gang member and loves country.

31, black, male, athletic, typical listen to rap, old school rock but high school musical is my jam!

stay at home LDS mom, super sweet, minivan. I love all kinds of music but secretly when alone I blast Linkin Park, Hoobastank, Metallica,

Step dad...87 yo. Loves skid row, poison, all the 80-90's hair bands.

Im a 40 year old white girl... I love the old gangsta rap! I can rap Tupac all day long. =And my 16 year old son listens to oldies. Knows all the words to all the old stuff. He rolls his eyes at my music..

covered in tats, everyone thinks i listen to hard rock. I love reggae, r n b and country

my husband is a straight up cowboy but loves listening to EDM

I''m a dump truck driver and when I''m finished listening to the zoo I listen to classical music like canon in d, Mozart etc. it keeps me calm with all the crazies on the road

I hispanic and I'll drive down the road in my jacked up jeep but I have no issues playing hit me baby one more time and sing along

I dress like a skater/punk kid, but my guilty pleasures are classical music and Enya!

33 year old masculine tatted up married dad of two... likes pop, I want it that way – BSB

have tattoos all over my body, facial piercings and I wear black 99% of the time but oh do I love some classical music.

def give the "molly Mormon" vibe but love listening to System of a Down

bearded landscaper but I play the mandolin so a lot of people are surprised to hear me listening to classical music and European folk music

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