TEXT TOPIC: Person in the family who stole your thunder!

i got engaged in Sept set the date for April my roommate got engaged in Feb set her wedding for the same day as me. I asked her to change her date and she decided to keep it needless to say we are no longer friends

My brother & I are always stealing thunder. He graduated college, I graduated college 6 months later. I got married, he got married 4 months later.

Had our reception after eloping so no one was at our actual wedding. My brother decided that was THE night to tell my parents he was having a child out of wedlock even though I begged him not to. Ya, good times! Thanks bro!

My wife''s sister stole our thunder. when my wife was at the hospital and found out we were going to have twins my sister-in-law was there and heard.Told the entire family before we even got out of the hospital visit

My BIL & SIL were engaged for ages, no wedding in sight. After a year of planning my wedding my BIL decided they needed to get married asap! They planned their wedding a month before ours

On my mom and stepdad's wedding day my stepdad's mom showed up in her wedding dress from when she got married at 18

My mom decided to have a total knee replacement on my college graduation day. Yeah I celebrated alone!

At my sister's wedding reception her sister in law announced that she got married that morning in Jackson Hole. She had lived w/her bf for years.

My BRIDES MAID chose her wedding 7 days before mine. Here is this Friday and mine is next Friday

My fianc and I chose our wedding date for September back in March and then my sister in law chose her wedding day for June. I got engaged first

My sister kept it a secret she was losing weight ... showed up at my daughters wedding looking amazing and I was just the same old tubby lady!

My aunt told my family that I was gay. I was no way near ready to let them know but she decided it was time. Ya not nice.

You guys need to see the pic of the lady pretending 2 b her daughter

Oh Frankie! That story is only better with the mug shot of the mom. She doesn''t look like her daughter. But she does look like a practice doll for areally bad make up artist!

my cousin has been with her baby daddy for over 10 yrs but when I told her my now fianc and I started ring shopping she all of a sudden got "engaged" again and TEXTED all our family to save the date just before I got engaged. As to "beat me to the punch" She already has 2 kids and everyone is under the impression they were already married. But when I was ready to embark on this journey, she is too?! She''s had the last 10 years! Not to mention she copied my ring design. Don''t worry I called her out and she changed it. Stole my thunder with my ring I had chosen since I was 18 (11 yrs ago) and getting engaged.

My a**hole brother-in-law told the whole family we were pregnant before we could surprise them all!

WTB My brother-in-law...my wife & I got engaged, came to her parents house to tell them. 20 seconds later her baby brother burst through the door saying he was arrested for fighting at a HS b-ball game. It turned into, "oh poor baby" time & we left.

Everytime Frankie says the Christiansens from WeJo I like to think it's me. I'm a Christiansen from West Jordan. Haha love you guys

We had a family member who had to have their child baptized on my Sons birthday we said can you do it next month she said no then we told her we don't mind

When my husband and I told my

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