TEXT TOPIC: Not on the same page with the kids?

My sis is straining our parents’ marriage. She's skipping school/work & then some. They don't agree on how to punish her.

Me and my husband don’t agree on bedtime. I’m very strict and want them in bed at a certain time cus hey, i deal with them in the morning when he’s not home and he doesn’t care about a time so the kids try and get dad to do stuff at bedtime if they want to stay up because he will usually do it. Drives me crazy!!

My wife coddles the kids, and I want to throw them into life's deep end to start learning life's lessons

hubby believes in spanking, I don't. Bad part is that my kids listen to dad and are terrors for me.

My husband and I are separated. My husband lets our daughter sleep in the bed with him. I don’t allow that. It causes a lot of problems between the two households.

We are divorced and don't agree on religion. He's Mormon and I'm not. I feel it will always be a struggle, but I will let my daughter choose for herself

Getting our son his first hair cut. I want it long but it’s in the mullet stage right now and she HATES it! I love it.

Making the kids move out soon as they graduate or turn 18.

Getting our 10 year old A cell phone. And letting her walk to school by herself

Discipline. I am more traditional with timeouts and punishments. Wife wants to talk and then let them go.

My daughter's curfew. She is 13, trustworthy, and we know where she is. I am okay with an 11:00 curfew on the weekend, my husband thinks it's too late.

I don't play video games but wife won't let son play shooting games think it will turn him into a killer. Ha

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