TEXT TOPIC: Did you get fired from a job?

I was fired due to "downsizing" but they only went from 9 to 8 employees. The real reason? I caught them forging contracts in the back room.

I got fired cuz I got pregnant. It was a surprise pregnancy. My bosses came to my house, when I was on bed rest to tell me they were letting me go! It was a small company so I couldn''t fight them on it I was told. But I''ll never regret having our baby girl. She was worth it

I was let go because I was told I wasn''t a quality educator but it was really because I stood up for a students right to graduate and made the wrong person look bad

I was told I was fired for bad customer service, but I think it was my tattoos. They employed someone that had food thrown in their face from being rude, and someone that stole money from them.

I was fired from a job 10 years ago for what they termed, "insubordination." Which was a crock. My immediate manager was just bat crap crazy, micro-managed Every. Little. Thing. And she hated me, so yeah. (I could go on, but that''s the gist.)

I was let go from my job years ago and they told me I was not completing my tasks but really the boss had a crush on me and I think his wife made him fire me.

I was fired because I "wasn't hitting my numbers". Real reason, my new boss found out I was looking for a new job and wanted to beat me to the punch

I was fired I was smarter then my boss he knew it. Was about to expose him. #femaleproblems

I found our accountant sleeping twice, told my boss, and they let me go the next day. The marked it as "falsifying my time card" #bullsh*t

I worked as a manager in the pet care industry and I was fired because a dog got badly hurt while I was on shift, afterwards I was told by the owner I was basically a scapegoat to avoid a lawsuit, the real reason is that the new manager that had just started hated any sort of competition and was looking for any reason to get rid of me.

fired for missing 1 important email but REALLY fired cuz I wasnt part of the clique and they were looking for an excuse

I worked at a local burger joint as a teen, one night I was vomiting & really sick so I told my manager and she said not to worry coming into work.I came back to work a couple days later & was told I know longer have a job. She reported me for not showing up after telling me not to come in. I got fired because of her mistake. Still mad.

I got fired from when I was 19 because my married boss tried to sleep with me and I turned him down and then I got fired for being on my cell phone the next day.

Got fired because I wouldn't come in with the stomach flu. Real reason: I didn't have the correct company attitude.

my husband worked for a soup and sandwich place here in Utah, one day they ran out of strawberries so I brought him more and I kissed him when I left. They asked for his keys the next morning because our PDA had made one of the employees very uncomfortable

Called into a staff meeting all were told we could take a 30% pay cut or leave. He said his new wife wanted a bigger house & needed more $$. Walked out after 10 years of employment

I was a CNA...My manager liked the Beds made a certain way which took longer than just actually making it the normal way. It was a busy day and we were short staffed. I made the beds my way that day and was fired after my shift.

I was fired for taking two days off for my grandmothers funeral. I was told to either miss the viewing or funeral.

2 years ago today my mother in law passed away same day I was suppose to start work, 11 days later my nephew passed away they said I missed too many days

I was let go because "my boss and my personality didn’t go well together" I really found out that he was bringing in a business analyst and he didn’t want him interviewing me because of how honest I am. ...the business analyst still called me

I was fired for a "personality conflict" I knew more than the swing shift manager and he didn't like that.

I reported my boss to HR because she was moving our loans around and made me and other ppl miss bonuses. 2 weeks later got fired for no reason. Eff that B!

I was fired when my husband was in the icu dying b/c "I didn''t show up". I had been texting them for 3days w/ updates & they told me to focus on my husband health, not worry abt work.

I got fried from a dealership for being pregnant. They told me you have been throwing up to much. But they put something else on the reason why.

I was let go because I was pregnant. They hired me thinking I was fat. 

"let go" because "My salary was too high". Real reason is because I caught them cooking the books and because my boss wanted a man i had hired on myteam in my executive position instead of me. #SexistAHole

I was fired due to sexual harassment but the real reason was i showed my tattoo to the owners daughter at her request and at the time I didn''t know it was her daughter. The owner was offended because I had a tattoo. Not sexual harassment

Got fired from a call center that was in the process of being rebranded, the new company used the point system and they told me I had used all of my points and fired me for attendance, all before they had even fully transitioned over to using that point system. Ends up the new company was just thinning the herd.

used to work as hotel receptionist. Got to work one day there was a newbie in my spot. Manager called me to his office. Told me I was being let go bcI gave the wrong discount to a client. Real reason, newbie and other receptionist were sleeping with manager, I wasn''t.

I worked for a company at a brand new location. I was there for 8 months with no problems. boss found out her old assistant wanted to transfer. Suddenly I couldn''t do anything right. I got let go a mom later 4 things Like using my cell phone when she asked me to text reminders & not being at my desk when she told me to cover a diff dept.

Got fired because I wasn't a "good fit" but it's because the day before I asked to be paid fairly. Don't ask for more money!!

8 years ago, I was fired because I spoke up about sexual harassment going on in the workplace. The company preferred to sweep it under the rug.

I worked at a massage spa and got fired because of sexual harassment towards me. My manager constantly sexualized everything I did and then blamed me for it when he found out I was going to tell the owner.. I got fired for what he did

After 12 years of working 70 plus hours I was told that the owner felt i wasn''t on the same page as the organization. Seriously?Then 3 months later Irun into owner and he asked why I hadn''t been around he missed my enthusiasm

got fired from being an assistant manager, apparently from putting the store in hardship. The new store manager just didn''t like me and he admitted it to me after taking forever to get me my last paycheck.

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