TEXT TOPIC: Person in your family that is sexually inappropriate

My cousin! Any time anyone is..."cold"...he''ll call it out. "Looking cold Aunt "...men or women...doesn''t matter. Made a joke that everyonein the family should wear nipple guards because it''s making him hot. WTH

my husband got one of those emails from "Marley." Asked for $500 or he would send a video of him looking at porn to all of his contacts. Scammers suck!

My uncle. He has hit on me, my cousin, any girl over 15. We couldn't tell my cousin's dad because we were afraid he might kill him.

My mom''s husband is disgusting. He has told all of the young girls in the family they are so beautiful multiple times. He has also sexually propositioned all is my nieces. He is just a pervert. And he is creepy.

my little brother! He talks about every woman that walks by and says some stupid sexual comment to my freaking 9 yr old son! Such a moron! And... GOUTES!!

it's me. I like to make it uncomfortable because my family is SUPER LDS and don't like the words "stupid" & "sucks", so I say worse just for them

my moms father in law used to stick his finger up under the tablecloth and tell my mom he took his viagra while we're all trying to eat

mom. She'll be wearing something and say to her kids "doesn't your mom look sexy" I don't think any kid should describe their parent as "sexy"

my great uncle! He is such a creep. Always has been. He''s not even my friend on Facebook and he sent me a message saying to not take selfies in the mirror in the bathroom anymore cuz it puts things in people''s minds. I''m pregnant! I''m showing off my baby belly. He is so gross #Creeper

ex-mominlaw's boyfriend, epitamy of Dirty old man. Telling daughters friends, its ok to change front of him

My Mom. She says my cousin is her boyfriend and makes sexual innuendos about her and our family members.

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