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rarely hold grudges. But my boss demoted me this week and because he didn''t do his job and was on autopilot. It''s gonna take time to trust. But I love my job.

I''ve been holding a grudge for 2 1/2 years against my younger brother because when he used to be my boss, he lowered my wage from $10.00 to $7.25 perhour without my knowledge! I was so mad when he did that, and have been holding a grudge ever since.

I definitely am. I have been married for 7 years. I have a grudge over my mother in law being a B during my wedding and during the planning of it. She had a blowup 2 days before the wedding because she said she didn''t feel welcome. This whole thing started because she wanted to be involved in the planning and wanted things done her way.

over 2 years - my wife''s bff''s husband sexually assaulted my wife. She says I should let it go because she still wants her bff. I wanted her to press charges, but she was afraid of losing her friend..

My sister holds grudges but she doesn't know why. She calls me all the time to ask me why she doesnt like someone because she forgets

PTA pres after me was mad I did a good job, told Iies about me to make her look good. What? All the new people won't trust me. I'm so mad. 3 years

I m still holding a grudge against my old boss at my old job. It s

Grudge against dad for the way he has treated me for years and recently because he spilled beans about my wife being pregnant and won't apologize

parent put me in a situation where I got assaulted, they take 0 responsibility. Forgiving someone who was supposed 2 protect is an ongoing battle

My brother disowned me and my family 27 years ago. He has since come "back to the fold" but I still have a grudge against him bc it felt like he threw me away and replaced me with another sister. He''s MY brother, not yours!!

my best friend held a grudge on me for 2 years cuz I got baptized into a church she had personal issues with. My late husband got her to break it

best friend of 11 years who was married to my childhood friend (married for 13 years) cheated with my husband and ended up leaving her husband for myex husband when I left him. That was 3 years ago and every time I see her my blood still boils.

I tried to get over it, but this girl in junior high and high school always TRIED to steal my boyfriends! Or she would spread rumors about me all thetime!

Dealt with some heavy emotional abuse through a narcissistic ex. Been holding a grudge for over 5 years and probably always will.

my brother in-law is a grudge holder and we're not welcome in their home and it's been 9 years

I'm 22! And I still have a grudge!

Back in kindergarten my sister was dorthy in the wizard of oz play and she didn''t pick me for a munchkin. Still pissed about that!! =

Not me for grudges. My hubby. Going on 13 yrs with his now ex bf. Who took him in when he was at the lowest point of his life. All over a little money.

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