TEXT TOPIC: Happy Passive Aggressive Tuesday!! What is your PA text?

Hey idiot that lives in Layton, everybody doesn't want to hear your POS 1980s Audi running at all hours without a muffler your car sounds like CRAP! FIX IT

just because I have to be civil and nice doesn't mean I like you because you're my my husband's ex fiancé

hey lady at the once upon in time in Hollywood. Put your GD shoes on. I''m glad you were embarrassed when I said gross when bare feet came up on the screen. That''s you!

hey Karen.. I'm doing the best that I can with what I've got a few would like to come and do my job I would be more than happy to trade you

holding the door open for people and they don't say thank you.

Don''t accuse me of hating you because you are a woman the day after I give you a poor performance review. It''s the women on our team that can''t stand working with you and complain to me about you! Figure it out! Ps I love women.

Movies, a number of months ago, at a movie, and had a lady sitting next to me that had the loudest most obnoxious laugh I had ever heard, and laughed at EVERYTHING even when NOT funny.. almost like she was TRYING to laugh... Bf/husband was in the isle seat, and felt bad for him and wanted to tell him he needed to put her in the end so there was a buffer between her and another person... It was the most uncomfortable movie I have ever been to..

Unpleasant people working in the service industry! If you hate people- work at home it's 2019 you have options

People never get my food right at fast food. Every time i go my order is wrong. Its not rocket science.

Hey Dad, you say you feel so lonely since your parents died. That's how I feel and my all three of my parents (stepdad included) are alive.

dear neighbor, it''s not my fault your little dog went under my shed and animal control came to get it. It''s also not my fault that same day your bunnies were in my yard and animal control came again. Keep your animals locked up

News Flash Chris after 28 yrs of working for the same place and being taking for granted. I will be putting in my 2 wks shortly. Good luck finding someone because people now a days have no loyalty.

hey Mr. Shmoe, taking your time walking across the street when it''s green and making me miss the light because I have to slow down so I don''t hit you, was not cool. I get you''re a pedestrian, but when you''re being an idiot, you''re going to get hit.

guilt trip about not coming to see your 1 day old baby already. Also it's your third and I have a new job and no pto. I'll come see her! Calm down

Stop trying to have more kids when you can barely care for the one you have and cant afford your apt. It's not a race to have the most kids.

Dad, you say it would be easier for you if your wife was deported. I wish they could deport you and we could keep your wife.

To my co worker who isnt even my boss, you need to chill nobody needs to be told what to do especially by you.

"Hey Becca - if I had a dollar for every time you were faking how "Super excited" you are about something a company GAVE you, I’d have more money than what you were paid to say it...

she’s so new to the "lifestyle" life here and wants to be one of the "Pink Peonies" so bad that she sells everything sent to her. Even before she knows anything about it.

Hey co-worker, I know you have a hard time knowing what’s funny, so let me clear this up. As a guy, aggressively telling a woman to meet you outside over simply not agreeing with you..... not funny! Get a clue!

Stop freaking doing other people's job. You're not being helpful and you're screwing us over.

To a certain assistant manager. Thanks for making me feel worse than I already felt. And also quit belching outloud. You need to build some sensitivity.

to the dude who shot out someone's tires in our apartment complex last night; if you wanted to go to jail, you could have just went in and asked!

Hey Co-worker, how about you say Hi back when I say Hi and we make eye contact... RUDE!!

if your going to try to roast me on the team chat, you better not cry to the world when I roast back! Learn 2 handle a roast if your going to give it

drivers! When a school bus stops, both sides of traffic needs to stop, don't honk at me For stopping. You're the one that looks dumb

dear children, it's not rocket science to get up & get dressed, stop making it harder than it is, you are 13 & 14. Just do it!!

hey boss, don't say that your staff are the worst then wonder why people leave

Hey idiot speeding through the parking lot-slow down!! Not only did you almost slam into me, there are people walking around a parking lot! Geez!!

Your constant treating me like a new employee after more than a year is annoying and possibly driving me away

director! Don''t just do last min changes to a campaign and then send out and email asking the team what changes we can do to processes. We planned it 3 months in advance!

Guy at work you're not Usher or Khalid, please stop singing. These girls are laughing at you cause you're awful. You think you're cute it's not!!!

holy hell in-laws you need to cool it down y'all a bunch of drama llamas

It's so annoying when your best friend who says little white lies to get attention alllll the time. Like " I lost 30 pounds"

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