TEXT TOPIC: Confessions in Professions: Free For All

I work with people with disabilities in there home. They nap I'll nap

Executive assistants do more than just sit behind a desk. We do a lot of crap. Picking up dear meat, cleaning dog poop out of the car and a bunch of other stuff the Executive doesn''t "have time for". #entitled

I used to work at a grocery store bakery and one thing most people don't know is that all of the baked goods are pretty pre made at a warehouse.

Pharmacy tech. You bet your bottom bippy if we drop pills in the floor we pick them up and put them in your bottle.

I work at a behavior clinic with children with autism. Some days it''s like I''m a glorified babysitter, other days I really want to just slap the children but I know it''d be wrong

health assessment tech: most people think we’re licensed nurses - nope, just a week or so of training. I don’t disagree when people say "school must have been hard"

I’m a professional landscaper with a college degree in landscape management. What you don’t know is that’s it’s REALLY hard for us to figure out why your grass is yellow. It’s like asking a doctor why your head hurts. There are a million possibilities. Too little water, too much water, bugs, fungus, hot spots, compaction, pet damage, chemical damage, and honestly sometimes it’s just yellow for no reason. Be patient, lawn care is way more complicated than you think.

I’m the head of IT. HR got let go I had to go through emails and chats to report back to CEO I know everything now

We hate it when we get catering orders last minute. Give us 24hrs advance please!

Bishop's secretary. I didn't realize just how much he cares about the ward until now. WOW!!

I'm a car dealer service manager and we have a book of stupid customers. And yes, we take your car to taco bell all the time.

I drive for FedEx Express. Our vans are governed at 65 miles per hour. So no matter how much we want to we can't go faster than that

I work in a cell phone company, we are not trained to troubleshoot phones in store, we google everything. We are sales people not tech support lol Please don''t yell at us because you forgot your emails and passwords. Not cool

I work in the construction industry our company builds amazing high-end model homes with amazing views beautiful fireplaces, decks, fully furnished, theater rooms you name it that are the go-to date night location for my wife and I and our go to couples date night when we wanted to have a little four-way sex/fun with some close friends we do This two or three times a month

as an insurance agent, you use the county assessor sites show all property owners so if you need to find where someone lives... #stalkertool

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