TEXT TOPIC: Are you mad at someone for airing your dirty laundry?

Wife is a licensed nail tech that works out of the house. She aired our marital laundry so often that people stopped going to her because it made them uncomfortable. Multiple clients have told me this.

I was a mid single which means 35 and older and I had lost my husband and a girl in the singles scene felt like It was her responsibility to tell everybody everywhere that I was a widow. So when I meeting guys I wanna date the 1st thing they say is how did your husband die. not appropriate

Had my boss bring up my past relationship with one of our residents at the hospital in front of other nurses. Very awkward.

I have a friend who works at a local form spa who aired out to all my friends and family, that I just got a mommy makeover there at her work.

When we are with a big group of friends or family my wife feels like it's her duty to share all of my faults to keep the dying conversation going.

I confided in my mom about some financial problems I was having and asked her not to tell anyone else because it was embarrassing for me. After having a disagreement a few weeks later, she decided to spill my dirty laundry to others in my family. Very upsetting.

MY MOM! She tells her sister everything! Just recently something huge and private happened in my life, I specifically said to not tell her... what did she do? Told her everything! It’s annoying..

my mom likes to air everyone’s business. We all know not to tell her anything because she can’t be trusted and she lies. I told her something when I was 19, she was the only one and somehow everyone knew, grandma , cousins, aunt’s, uncle’s, everyone. It was very private. She can’t be trusted with your secrets or your children!

had a 3some with a couple ONE time and the dude lied and told everyone we had sex on the regular

my mother in law all the time. Talks about all her kids and their spouses. Even told people she didn't want her son to marry a girl w/ink (yea that's me)

I have stopped telling my aunt anything because she will tell anyone everything. Blasted my cousin's breakup all over Facebook in his b-day post to him.

my husband decided to tell everyone about our intimacy issues. His daughter, his mom, all his co-workers, his ex wife, friends, my friends. It''s embarrassing

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