TEXT TOPIC: What does your kid sneak, but you know better!

8 year old sneaks food all the time. Like 4 granola bars for breakfast and a giant bowl of cereal. He always thinks he gets away with it. I always know.

My son turns the swamp cooler on low at night for white noise so I don't hear him on the computer past bedtime. SMH

I went to clean my daughters room, found a crayon box under herpillow. When I picked it to to put it away it made a weird noise.I opened it up and it was full of sixlets candy. We were doing a sugar free challenge and apparently she couldn''t hang.. she was 5!! Girls got skills ==

While my daughter was in high school seven years ago she was grounded from her phone. After two weeks we noticed she hadn''t asked for it back? She had taken the Sim card out of her phone put it in an identical other phone and had been using it the whole time. Kudos to her:-)

My almost 2 year old is addicted to the binky! We have been trying to get rid of them for awhile and refuse to let him have them during the day. However he hides them in a little cubby hole in his room. One day I heard the door to his room shut and when I checked in on him I caught him stashing them!How can I be mad!

My 11 year old was stealing pop and drinking it on the way to school.

My 14 yrs old was hiding a walkie talkie in her room and talking to the neighbor late at night and early in the morning

I made my kids lock their phone at night and i would unlock it in the morning. They had to show me it was locked. my oldest daughter took a screen shot of the lock screen and would show it to me, until i busted her!!.....also, my youngest daughter blocked the high schools phone number on my phone so when she sluffed school, I wouldn''t get the call. Genius!!

My teenager told us she broke up with her boyfriend. We think he's a loser and way beneath her. But I'm her mom so I know better....they're still together

When flip phones were a thing, I got grounded from mine but found where my mom had hidden it & took out the SIM card & put it in a different phone! Ha

My child is not capable of doing this. when my three-year-old daughter gets the urge to do something we don''t want her to do she asks us if we can goupstairs or leave the room so that she can do it. I don''t think she understands how getting away with bad behavior works.

my 9 year old son broke one of our front windows and his dad saw him do it and he tried to blame it on his 1 year old sister who can't talk yet.

my daughter faked being blind in one eye suddenly at school. Fooled her teacher, but I had a feeling she was t faking, took her to her doctors, she''s fooled her doctors office, they sent me to the U, where she claimed to see 3-d with only one eye. The Dr had me come into his office who agreed with myopinion. She was faking. You can''t see 3D with one eye. With my permission, blew air in her air to inject "medication" and she was healed!!

I used to steal money from my dad's wallet when I was a kid. I thought he didn't know but he knew but thought it was my bro

my son stole small amounts of $ over time. 1 day asked to ride his bike to friends & he went to a music store and bought a guitar.

when my daughter was two she denied eating powdered donuts although she had powdered lips!

I have a 13 yr old son. I kept losing all my good lotion. Yeah... cleaning his room and noticing it smelled way too pretty for a teenage boys room. Every one of my expensive lotions are in his roomunder his bed. I''m thinking I need to get that kid his own bottleof suave. =

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