TEXT TOPIC: Song with your EX? What is it?

High school first love. Blink 182 I miss you

Thr next is yet to come, michael buble..wedding aong

All my life

Smack that by Akon

I Fall to Pieces by Patsy Cline

the cult painted on my heart. The girl I lost my V card to. I still like that song. Reminds me of good times.

Luke Bryan - Do I

Walk with me by bella thorn. Sang it to my ex. Made both of us cry. still brings back great memories. Still love the song

when you say nothing at all call mom broke up due to age difference. The song still hurts.

Amazed by Lonestar. Love of my life said this song made him think of me. Years later, together but he doesn''t seem to still love me the same way andI long for the way he use to love me.

Sinaed O'Conner Nothing compares to you

Tony Braxton selfish. Got dumped two days before my wedding

amazed by lonestar young love, was real, but now makes me feelsick. >"

Love of a lifetime by Firehouse. Was my song with my cheating ex husband. Makes me so mad because I still love the song but it has bad memories.

what might have been by little Texas. The one that got away.

one plus one - Beyonc 10 years later it still makes me happy too hear lol

Jon legend all of me. Some creep told me it reminded him of me he had a dream he was playing the piano singing it to me.

Kacy and JoJo 9th grade love off and on for 6 years!! I listen and lmao

Hinder - Lips of an Angel. I had a serious crush on a marriedman.... eeek, so embarrassing. =,

Usher my boo hurts to hear it, it''s with my ex and he''s my soulmate but timing has always been wrong for us. He''s married I''m getting divorced and it''s hard to think about it

love the way you lie - Rihanna and Eminem was as we were breaking up he dedicated it too me, uh dramatic asshole

we belong together mariah carey . my x died. 6yrs aftwr we broke up

I love you this big by Scotty McCreery

alicia keys and usher my boo with my first everything.. still good memories !!

Keith Sweat Nobody first I had so it was good memory =M<

my last relationship started as smile by uncle cracker, ended with call me when your sober by evanescence

"Yellow" by Coldplay was my wedding song. My husband and I divorced 8 yrs ago ~he died in October so it''s very bittersweet. Makes me cry. We were still good close friends for our daughter.

Sony took back the rights, he isn't part of the Marvel Universe

"First" love song the "One" by Brian McKnight. It brings me back to that Romanic night in the back of his truck! as he took my V card. H8 song

Sting's Fields of Gold. I was 16 & I got in an argument w/ my boyfriend b/c he gave me the CD for my bday b/c it was the first song we danced to & I forgot that it was. He was so sad. But when I hear it now it makes me smile & I will still listen to the whole song when it comes on the radio

Hoobastsnk, The Reason. Ugh! My bf burned me a CD w/all these cheesy songs before he left on his LDS mission and then he cheated on me yes while on his mission. HATE this song!

More Than Words : Extreme. Takes me back 2 Jr high lagoon day: he flirted all day w Amy. I do listen 2 the song and sing along. Still love it.

50 cent 21 Questions. Love the song but always makes me think of the one that got away...

last resort eagles. My first love to Madeleine. And there is no explanation on what I feel when I hear that song. We exchanged the album with The respective love note 36 years ago

I want to be with you by Mandy Moore. I sang it to my ex Justin. He was abusive, I got away (thank God!). I generally change stations or songs if it comes on.?

Mine is also Jason Derulo, want to want me. It’s a good memory, song was playing when I went to introduce myself so it became our song. but as soon as I hear it I change it.

Hero by Enrique Iglesias. I remember him singing to me on the banks of the Idaho falls. But then I remember he cheated on me & leaving my w/ 2 mth old. @$$

My HS sweetheart/first love our song was The Flame-Cheap Trick. I love the song still. Good memories. We just reconnected on FB a few years back.

Already Taken by Trey Zongs. We were both head over heels for each other. It was a case of wrong place wrong time. I think about him though and wish nothing but happiness for him.

my song but with my ex was Back at One by Brian McKnight. Now I cannot listen to the song and I also think it's kind of stupid, lyrically.

Had a bad experience with a boy when I was in high school and the song Red Red Wine was playing. The song drives me crazy and now they''ve made it into a commercial so I hear it all the time LOL it was a long time ago it''s just a memory[GK1] but it''s annoying

Firehouse When I Look into Your Eyes It's a great song but the memories Eh....let's just say the guy was and is a jackass!!

Guns N' Roses. November rain. Good memories. 1st love. Lots and lots of sex!!!!

this is us by keasha cole it brings back good memories wish we were together but I'm married now

Amazed by Lonestar. Song w/ ex hubby. It used to make me sad now I tell our son how we slow danced to it & he laughs cause hes never seen us together.

I gotta feeling, black eyed peas reminds me of one of the WORST nights of my life!! I have to change the station. Can not even listen to it.

Robyn Thicke lost without you. First love, he wanted to get married but I wasn't ready. Good memories

wake me up before you go go Our joke song bcz I had 2 leave early good memories

shake it by metro station. Makes me think of my ex but it was his best friends favorite song and I really liked him. It was also our song lol

Our wedding song from 1998 with my ex husband. "From this moment" Shania Twain & Bryan Adams. Yes I turn it right off if I hear it...thankfully it never gets played on the radio Lol

All of me by John Legend. Great memory! Ex used to sing it to me every time he saw me.

"Get Some" by Daft Punk. Brings back Memories of making out in my moms van. Turns out he was actually a punk.

tougher then thr rest by Chris ledoux..me and my ex husbands song. I danced with him to it the forst might we met...still gets to me. I have to turn it off

song is Dilemma by Nelly. First love back in seventh grade. Broke up for a while went our own separate ways and we ended up back together and we are now

When I was in like 7th grade, I thought I was dating this girl because we would hug. (I know, very naive little dude) but I thought our song was Your Guardian Angel by Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

he cheated on me so hearing it doesn't always bring up the best memories.

Cascada the song Heaven. I can''t listen to it because it brings up the memory of my ex. He ended it by calling me a cheater which I wasn''t, found out he was.

brian McKnight back at one...really good memories

KC&Jojo all my life - first love in high school - dates from 15-18years old - I broke up with him because I knew he wasn't the "one"

Jason Mraz - I'm Yours. Takes me back to dating my ex before getting married to my now ex husband. Awesome memories. RIP Casey.

Vindicated by dashboard confessional... It was my first love in high school. First broken heart. I only think of the the heart break when I think ofthe song.

Jesses girl makes me cringe now cause my exes name was Jesse. It sucks cause that used to be me and my moms song

faith hill breathe my 9th grade year this song was big & it was mine and my BF's song good memory lots of makeout sessions

timed social club "rumors"---one night stand 30 years ago ata HS party!! Always takes me back to that night. Good memories!! ===

my first love was my boyfriend of 3 years and when the song "Am I Wrong" by nico and vinz he had it as his ringtone. The song used to make me sad butscrew him now!

Summer love in from Greade. Exhubby, wedding song. 18yrs since wed14 since divorce, & I can finally listen to it again.

my song was mad by Chris brown. We used to listen to It after we would fight.

just to see you smile by tim McGraw. My song with first ''real'' boyfriend. (And all that entails, lol) He cheated so it wasnt a good memory but 20 years later, I can listen to it! :)

lady antebellum I need you now. My high school girl friend and I broke up and she would send me texts saying this song reminded me of us and how shewants to get back together... whenever I hear it I have to change it now

hey there delilah, when i was 17 first bf. Perfect ed sheeren ex husband song we danced it didnt have a meaning for it. Be alright dean lewis remindsme of ex husband. Like the songs but not the memories. Urg

hanging by a moment by Lifehouse was a song I had with my boyfriend my junior year of high school. He is now a producer on the radio so I always think of it

"Need you now - Lady Antebellum" We broke up due to age difference:(

Boyfriend JBiebs. Good memory even though parents made us stop dating suddenly. he died a couple years later so it's a memorial now of him for me

Bruno Mars When I Was Your Man. My husband and I are going through a hard time and he heard this song at work and was crying so bad they made him gooutside to get it together. He died shortly after that and I heard that song at the bank when I was depositing all the money we got in cards at his funeral. I lost it. I still can''t listen to that song.

MJBlige Be Without You Love hate the song turned out to be all lies!!

justin bieber " I''ll show you " it reminds me of the winter when the song first came out it was snowing and I remember breaking up with my boyfriendwho had cheated with me he giving me a ring on Christmas that I have to get back. I''ll show you. That was my motto. Dang I hate that stupid guy

Today by The Smashing Pumpkins Great memories still a favorite song of mine sophomore year first legit boyfriend

"To Be With You" by Mr. Big was the song I listened to over and over again when I broke up with my very first girlfriend in Jr. High. Eighth grader with a broken heart. I just laugh now

after 10 yrs, crash into me by Dave Matthews triggers anxiety. My ex was a job hopper and I never knew if we'd be ok financially. Glad I dodged that bullet

my song with an ex was The Eagles, Hotel California. We were in high school, 10-11th grade. He ALWAYS played that song in his car as he was taking me home.

NewDirections Thats What Makes You Beautiful. Ex lied to me about everything. I hear lies when I hear it.

Aerosmith I don't want to miss a thing was our prom song first real love. Makes me sad to think about emotional abuse but glad I grew from the experience

"Hero" by Enrique Iglesias. My junior high love serenaded mewith it and now it makes me gag =

'our song' was baby bash sugar sugar. Relationships been over way longer than it lasted but I hear it and have fun memories

Sting Fields of gold 'd

I won't give up by Jason Mraz. Guess what? I did give up, because he was a serial cheater. Suck it!

So not my ex but it''s my parents. They are divorced. It''s "Where the Streets Have No Name" by U2. Makes me sad every time I hear it cause it was used to make our family videos. Now I can''t watch those cause it makes me sad =

ITS TOO LATE by Carol King Eloped to Elko 50 yrs ago. Should have know then that was doomed. 3 yrs later divorced. This song reminds me of the big mistake.

Feels like Home by Chantal Kreviazuk was a song with my ex wife when we were dating. It brings back so many loving and peaceful feelings. I''ll sometimes play it to feel a little peace of calm and miss her

''I won''t give up'' by Jason Mraz - that was the premise of my whole dating existence, and eventual marriage to my NOW ex - guess that didn''t turn outtoo well. Now I will NOT listen to it.

Any Keith Sweat song= my kids

SUGA SUGA BY BABY BASH. First time we got in on lol

Randy Travis; Forever and Ever Amen. Bittersweet memories. My shoulda woulda coulda.

I don''t want to miss a thing- Aerosmith, my ex sang this to mewhile crying, I laugh/cringe every time I hear it! >&< &@

You'll Think of Me Song by Keith Urban

motley crue- kick start my heart. High school BF...doing the dirty =

Crazy about you Husband that passed

My ex likes Tom Petty so any of his songs just can't listen too. Another ex loved Duran, Duran which I can't listen to them.

U2, with or without you. Just makes me roll my eyes. Why did I have such a stupid boyfriend in high school?

To make you feel my love by garth Brooks. It makes me cry it reminds me of my ex boyfriend playing that song to me

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